Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Langkawi

We’ve been inundated with emails on which is the best luxury hotel to stay in Langkawi. It came to a point that I decided why not share with the rest of the world, what Frog and I discovered during our business trip, what we believe are the Top Three 5-star luxury premium hotels in Langkawi for the ultimate pampering, relaxing break.


Four Seasons is the world’s leading luxurious hotel collection and so it comes as no surprise to find a stunning Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi, located on the northern tip of the island. Facing the gorgeous beach, you can even clearly see Thailand. We knew instantly that this was one hotel we’d definitely recommend.

Frog looking very professional at the Four Seasons

Four Seasons Beach Villa


Belonging to the GHM luxury group of hotels, The Datai Langkawi is a stunning hotel nestled deep in the rainforest hills with direct access to the beach. It’s a gorgeous, romantic hideaway with beautiful architecture, freestanding villas and an award-winning championship  golf course next door. You won’t be disappointed.

PZ in The Datai lobby lounge

The Datai’s second swimming pool beside the beach

Frog and PZ lunching by the beach


Located near the Four Seasons resort lies a five-star hotel called Tanjung Rhu. With its amazing beach and lush foliage, Tanjung Rhu will have you feeling straight at home.  Several swimming pools including a sandy pool, you’ll have enough choice of where to swim and sunbathe.  Don’t forget to also check out the JivaRhu Spa for some relaxing treatments. It really is time to get pampered.

Tanjung Rhu beach

So there you have it, your dream luxury hotels on the beach in Langkawi.



17 thoughts on “Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Langkawi

  1. le gros probleme de la malaisie n’est pas ses hotels de grand luxe, mais son manque d’hotels “de charme” plus adaptés à une clientèle dite moyenne.

    pourtant j’en connais un à Langkawi

  2. Hi there

    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Malaysia in February. On the advice of others, and confirmed by your opinions, we have decided to go West Coast and have narrowed it down to two resorts either Tanjhung Rhu or Pangkor Laut. We’re both big fans of snorkeling, however, neither seem to be renowned snorkeling spots but unfortunately the snorkeling spots seem a bit ‘backpackerish’ and not ideal for honeymoon. I’m interested in your opinion/s on which resort has the better snorkelling and which resort you would recommend?

    Thanks for a wonderfully informative blog, we cannot wait to visit Malaysia!

  3. Hi there

    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Malaysia next February. We’ve narrowed it down to two resorts on the west coast namely, Pangkor Laut and Tanjung Rhu. We realise that neither resort is renowned for its snorkeling but since we are both big fans of snorkeling we’re interested to know which resort, in your opinion, has better snorkeling. And for an overall honeymoon experience, which resort would you recommend?

    Thanks for a wonderfully informative blog, we cannot wait to visit Malaysia!

  4. Hi there! Tanjung Rhu has a wonderful sandy beach and excellent for diving. But it’s too strong the currents for snorkelling. Whereas Pangkor Laut is a bit better for snorkelling as it’s a protected bay, the hotel is superb and very romantic. However neither I would recommend for snorkelling even though they are great hotels that are romantic. My recommendation is if you can wait until May-September go to Japamala resort in Tioman which is east coast. East coast has the clearer blue water, famous for snorkelling and diving. Japamala is also a Relais & Chateau hotel. See our blog post Japamala (type in search) and you will see what I mean. Good luck!

  5. But if you can’t wait til May and must go in Feb for West Coast is the best, then I would choose Pangkor laut for overall romantic experience. Stay in Sea Villa or Spa Villa for the ultimate trip.

  6. I really impress by this amazing details about luxurious hotel with comfort and ultimate facility in Malaysia.This one is very nice and great information of hotel, it is the best place for honeymoon very romantic and beauty full,
    Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous blog.

  7. Hi F+P,
    Thank you for all info of your blogs about MAL. Really useful especially for those who has probably only one chance to visit Mal in a lifetime, so we can decide well where to go according to your recommendations.

    I’d like to ask you about our situation now. As background you need to know about us & our desired destination, that we love the original nature with thick, rich rain forests & hills, but on the other hand: the white sandy beach with palm trees over the aquamarine colored water & some nearby snorkeling spots with corals, some rocks in the sea with a little party life in about 5 km distance. Of course we like to taste the gastronomy masterpieces of Mal. to eat on the streets, not just in the hotels 🙂 We are OK with a level half way between the high-end hotels & backpackers.

    1. In case we need to take our holiday from about 20.Jan. to 13.Feb, (3weeks) what would you suggest?
    West coast, as it is more dry & enjoyable (nice mix of options for romance, relaxing sandy beaches with green forest next to the shores)
    2. if we can tolerate some refreshing rain during the day in this early Feb.period, shall we go the East Coast to enjoy the most beautiful shores of Mal?
    Are there also many rich rain forest, gastronomy & nice affordable accommodations?
    3. we should try to solve to push our holiday period to end of March-April & go the East Coast? (maybe there is a chance, we don’t know yet)

    Thank you in advance for your kind help.

  8. Hi F&P,

    Like Mark’s post on Oct 21, 2013 – we are looking for a mixture of beach, clear water and nature – for a very romantic and special honeymoon. We will be there in mid-February and would love to stay right on the beach in a villa or even over the water if any resorts offer this. We really want a private experience, luxury and the option of activities so could you please recommend some places to stay in Malaysia.



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