Frog and Princess Favorites

Frog & Princess – often referred to as Malaysia’s own Mr and Mrs Smith – bring to you their favorites when it comes to the ultimate luxury, travel and lifestyle…

Favorite travel destinations?

Aubry: Corsica, Maldives, Bali – as you can see it’s all about the beach!

Zatashah: Tuscany, Paris and Barcelona – as you can see I’m all about food!

Favorite hotel?

A: Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Maldives – heaven on earth.

Z: Hotel du Cap Eden Roc – glitz, glam and an out of this world 5-star service.

Best ever holiday?

A: My honeymoon in Sicily, Italy. Taormina is a very romantic setting underneath Mt Etna.

Z: Egypt by far – am a Egyptian historian buff, love Ramses II, the ancient temples, monuments – such splendor.

Essential travel kit?

A: Sunblock! I’d die in the sun without it.

Z: Books – I guess instead of lugging around 3 books at a time, I should consider buying an iPad…

Favorite restaurant?

A: Le Grand Vefour in Paris.

Z: Pastis in New York. The best French bistro outside of France!

Best food?

A: Poulet aux morilles

Z: Truffles, tartuffo, truffes … anything with white truffles!

Can’t live without…

A: My wife of course!

Z: How romantic. I’m a bit more practical – my Blackberry. (So I can keep in touch with my husband of course!)

Keep raving on about…

A: Future ventures.

Z: Places not yet travelled – to dream and discover!


12 thoughts on “Frog and Princess Favorites

  1. Bonjour Princess,

    Love the blog and Originalo. You’ve inspired me in so many ways and living my dream life.
    Also – I want to work in Multinational Org in France, Speak good French and marry a Frenchie. 🙂 – You have it all.
    Been trying to go back to France but still looking for the opportunity – But if you can do it, nothing is impossible rite?

    Keep on rockin’.


  2. Dear Nisa,
    Now that’s fantastic! Yes if you put your heart and soul into it, I’m sure you can do it! It wasn’t easy for me either but I managed in the end to work in France. In the meantime, u could check out Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur (one in Penang too!) for ways to speak/improve your French in the meantime 🙂
    Thank you again for your lovely message.
    Bon chance !

  3. C’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que j’ai parcouru votre Bloc.
    Permettez-moi de vous féliciter pour votre idée de partage et du sens du business dans les loisirs.
    Votre retour d’expĂ©rience servira, j’en suis persuadĂ©.
    Bonne continuation


  4. Here’s a new place for you. Come to the lovely island of Paradise -BERMUDA. Yes it is a real island and you will not get lost in the “Bermuda Triangle.” This is my home. The people are friendly. We are known for our crystal clear aqua ocean and pink sand. I live in France now and everytime that I tell them where I am from, they think that is so exotic lol. I love you castle blog. I have been looking for castles. See you soon.

  5. What a name for both.. Frog and Princess. I like your photos taken at Lunuganga Sri Lanka. Thanks. Roshan

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