10 Things on Us

10 Things you would never have guessed about Princess:

1. I played the trombone but gave up when I realised it was bigger than me and I couldn’t reach E sharp.

2. I tore my ligaments (twice… on both feet).

3. I performed at the Royal Albert Hall. Sang La Traviata.

4. I broke the school record for the slowest run in the 1500 metre race –12 minutes.

5. I love Travel Discovery and Cuisine TV. I hope to be a roaming Nigella Lawson.

6. I can’t ride a bike, nor drive a car. Public transport and Frog’s scooter are my best friends.

7. I could never turn vegetarian – why were we made carnivores otherwise?

8. Favourite motto: Life’s too short. (Helps reduce any guilt pangs)

9. Secret confession: Love chick lit! (Same stories, same characters, but so what)

10. Secret ambition: My books to be published (and be a bestseller, natch!)

10 Things you would never have guessed about Frog:

1. I was sent on my own to American summer camp aged 8.  The only little Frog to cross the pond.

2. I was a child model but my mother put an end to this career.

3. 8 hours a week of sports then got married to Princess and now it’s over.

4. I wear a “Clan Menzies” kilt and I’m proud of it (in respect of my Scottish ancestry)

5. I still listen to 80s music. No, I’m not stuck in a time warp.

6. I always confuse the words fuzzy and fussy.

7. I do a great impersonation of Elvis – the King (in his fat period).

8. My favourite motto: If you don’t have major problems, you’re probably not doing something major.

9. Secret confession: I’m claustrophobic.

10. Secret ambition: Perform on stage with my acoustic guitar in front of an adoring crowd.


22 thoughts on “10 Things on Us

  1. i like it when u said that u still like 80’s songs and u are not stuck in a time warp cause most ppl think the same way to me 🙂

  2. A Malaysian who cant ride a bike or drive a car? Rare! Only then I realised she is a Tengku.. Ah that explains!

  3. 24.07.10

    I’ve attend ur speech this morning.n i love to b your fan. love from kuching

  4. Hey! I stumbled upon ur blog…and think its really COOL!!! Informative, interesting, lively. Keep it going…one of those which I will always look forward to for updates 🙂

    I have a confession to make here – I can’t ride a bike, neither do I drive. Owh well, I used to think that I’m such a because of these disabilities. But now after reading about u, I’ve begun to think differently. Come to think of it, I’m even more independent than those who sit behind steering wheels. I’m capable of hopping on and off any mode of public transport on my own. And when people pass remarks like “OMG! U don’t drive???”…my spontaneous reply to them would be, “Owh well, I’m different. I was born to be a Princess! :p” Hahahahaaha!!! Not trying to be snobbish. But, so what if I don’t drive, right? I still can manage to get myself to any destination on time 🙂

  5. Tz, i never thought u cant drive a car. i like to ride a bike b4 but an accident make me a bit phobia so i stick to walking and public transport…guess what..a lot of thing happen..u got new friends and u can enjoy life too. That life rite….thank u for sharing it to me….

  6. Hi there

    Bump into your blog and did not realise to have read such wonderful things from your blog and places.

    Another surprising things is that you are one for the Royalty. I salute you for your humbleness in life in your blog. Both of you are really a rare Gem.

    Hope to read more from you.

    Yours sincerely
    Tammy Khoo, Penang

  7. Dear Tammy Khoo, Thank you for your kind comment! We are touched by your warm wishes. Do keep on reading us, our aim is to share the delights of Malaysia! 🙂

  8. Hi Frog and Princess,
    I am Stephan Lee, born in Penang but raised in Santa Clara, Cali.

    I was researching the city of Kinabalu as i’m going to hike up th Mt. with ma fam next March and surprisingly your blog bout’ Kinabalu shown up in google search.

    I don’t normally follow any blog but i couldn’t help keep digging the interesting places and foods in your blog!!! I love all the composition of pictures and i instantly became your fans.

    Particularly, i’m interested in the pictures as shown in your Kinabalu tour: https://frogandprincess.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/kota-kinabalu-sabah/.

    Are the 3rd and 4th pictures from the same hotel? Mind to let me know where that is? I’m thinking of bring ma folks there too…

    Thanks in advance!! and Really hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

  9. Hi Stephan!
    Thank you for your comment and we’re glad you like our blog 🙂
    Kota Kinabalu is great! The first hotel in the city itself is fantastic Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. The second is 40 mins outside the city. But you should check out the packages we offer for Kota Kinabalu especially for Hyatt Regency Kinabalu in ORIGINALO’s CHARMING RETREATS http://www.originalo.com.my
    We also offer 2 more packages for Kinabalu (a short boat ride 20 mins away) in ORIGINALO’s LUXURY GETAWAYS for Bunga Raya Island Resort and Gayana Eco Resort on http://www.originalo.com.my If you want to see more pix of these other 2 resorts, check out our blog posts :
    Happy holidays!!

  10. Hi Frog and Princess,
    I am super psyched after more researches about the place. And huge thanks for the information!

    I think i might dig the the packages in “originalo” – they look plain awesome to me and my gf at the first sight! Bravo!!

    Can’t wait for the holiday in Kota Kinabalu *evil grin…

    It’s been really good to hear from you two…

    P.S. Envy you folks enjoying the sun shine down there. As a return to your favor, should you have any internetworking related question, please don’t hesitate to shoot it to me.

  11. Hey Princess

    Im a fan of your blog! Currently a student in London and we’re organizing an event and was thinking of inviting you to be on the panel for our corporate session on youth and career opportunities. Was wondering what would be the best way to send our formal invitation and proposal to you? Sorry for contacting you here and thanks!

    Great work on this amazing blog. 🙂

    Izzat A

  12. Hi frog,

    thank you both for sharing the articles. If you every like to life without the claustrophobic send me an email. I would be happy to help you. I will be part of the year in Hua Hin Thailand and the other part I am living in Berlin. I am sure you know that both citys have many 5 stars hotels.

    All the best,
    Alfred Himmelweiss

  13. Dear Frog and Princess
    I’m working for an educational publisher in Singapore, on a Social Studies textbook for Brunei, and I’m wondering if I can please use a couple of your pictures to illustrate a section about the importance of the rainforest?
    They’re great photographs!

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