Beach Castaway Picnic

One of the most memorable experiences you can enjoy at Casa del Mar (Langkawi, Malaysia) is called the Castaway Picnic.
A motorboat will take you at around 11 am from the beautiful beach of the hotel, “Pantai Cenang” and cruise through some of the 99 islands of Langkawi viewing the fantastic limestone cliffs, quiet beaches and the graceful ballet of eagles diving for fish.

The boat being prepared.

After a quick stop at the Lake of Pregnant Maiden, a tranquil fresh water lake which is supposed to, according to legend, have magical properties making barren women “fertile”, your crew will take you to a white sandy beach on a remote island and leave you there.

Our deserted beach.

Goodbye to the boat, from now on we are alone…

… And very happy about it!

A real Robinson Crusoe experience. You’re on your own, no cell phone or Italian neighbours (Note to our Italian friends: We love you guys but you can be sometimes a bit noisy) under a picturesque tent with flowing nets, resting on comfortable cushions and a five-star gourmet picnic! All you have to do during that memorable day is swim, eat, sunbathe and sleep.

Our shelter under the tree.

Beach Paradise.

So find your perfect Friday (for me it was PZ and friends) and let yourself be shipwrecked with style!

NB: Castaway Picnic is priced RM 600 per couple (around 130 Euros), bookings can be made by contacting reception of Casa del Mar: +604 955 2388 or by email:




3 thoughts on “Beach Castaway Picnic

  1. Wow great place..Thank you for that informative post. I really love to read articles that have good information and
    ideas to share to each reader.

  2. Nice! Langkawi is such a great place for so many things; exploring, trekking, legend seeking, hiding out and lazing away (even “fertilising”!!)

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