Top 5 Dives in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the greatest destinations for diving: White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, fabulous underwater coral, batfish, frogfish, reef sharks, turtles, parrotfish… you name it, you have it!

How to list the Top 5 dives? The main criteria of this list, is easy accessibility and value for money. Hope this will help you to come to Malaysia and take the plunge!

Pulau Redang (best season from April to September)

Amongst the most famous dive sites, you can’t miss: Big Mount, Batu Terjun, Staghorn Garden.
The only negative part could be the number of divers. Redang is known for being overcrowded, so choose carefully your time there.

Pulau Perhentian, Kecil & Besar (best season from March to October)

The Perhentians can get really busy during the summer months of June to August especially at Perhentian Kecil. Sometimes, it gets so crowded, visitors are found sleeping on the beach. Don’t miss Tanjung Besi, Batu Nisan and Long Beach to enjoy turtles, pelagics and many bumphead parrotfish. If you like to party after diving, Perhentian Kecil will sure be your favourite!

Pulau Tioman (best season from April to September)

The most famous island for diving! Don’t miss Renggis Reef. Like Redang, Tioman can be overcrowded, but because it is a much bigger island, you won’t feel it so much.

Miri (best season from March to September, when you can expect visibility of up to 30 metres. During the rest of the year, the monsoon can cause visibility to plummet to 10 metres or less.)

Located in Borneo, Miri is a city internationally known for its great coral reefs, soft coral especially. All major dive sites are located 10 to 15 minutes by speedboat from the jetties.

Pulau Lang Tengah (Best Season March and April especially for diving where visibility can hit 40m, until October)

Very relaxing dives, especially at Tanjung Nibong, Batu Bulan, White reef.