Asian Women Rule Money Talk

Stock Market, Wall Street, Bull marketLately, I’ve noticed a remarkable number of Asian women broadcasting business and financial news on TV. Smart, fast-talking, jargon-laden, these women present Money talk in a fascinating and, let’s face it, attractive way.

In fact, women in general have been ruling the financial TV programmes for a long time already.

I recall how sexy Maria Bartiromo, anchorwoman of CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, was the first journalist in 1996 to report live from the New York Stock Exchange, causing such a stir around the world when she appeared. Men in Wall Street, in the midst of raging testosterone flagging and yelling to sell and buy stocks, and there you see Maria composed and holding her own explaining market fluctuations. It made great TV. So much so, she became a household name (sometimes they called her Money Honey) and hosted “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo”. Now she’s also host and managing editor of “Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo” – rated the most watched financial news programme in America.

CNBC Maria BartiromoMaria Bartiromo, CNBC

So to add to this growing gender gap ratio, today, there’s a flood of Asian women on money shows and it’s great! We’re so used to society saying women need to be more financially intelligent and invest in their future. But what does it mean when I see these attractive women on TV talking about futures, rising stock index, bear markets, hedge funds and equity markets? It means that we ought to give credit to ourselves – yes women can be smart and sexy.

After all, why aren’t there more men on financial news? My theory is that market news is an easier pill to swallow coming from the fairer sex. Sexist as this may be, but we have to wonder why there’s a dwindling number of male correspondents on business TV programmes.

So kudos to these smart ladies that I learn market news from! The stock market may be a man’s world, but it’s the women ruling money talk.




Haslinda Amin, Bloomberg

scarletfu Bloomberg

Scarlet Fu, Bloomberg

Betty Liu Bloomberg news

Betty Liu, Bloomberg

Angeline Ong, Bloomberg News

Angeline Ong, Bloomberg

Susan Li, Bloomberg

Susan Li, Bloomberg

Laura Lee Bloomberg

Laura Lee, Bloomberg

Patricia Lui bloomberg

Patricia Lui, Bloomberg

Patricia Wu Bloomberg

Patricia Wu Bloomberg

Emily Chan CNBC Squawk Box

Emily Chan CNBC Squawk Box

Christine Tan, CNBC

Christine Tan, CNBC Managing Asia