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Published in The Peak Malaysia, October 2011 (Click on images to read the article).


Best of Business TV Reality

I am addicted to TV reality shows.

But not the trashy ones that are about survival on a deserted island, nor marrying a millionaire, nor pushing people beyond their limits on fear. No, no, no.

Dearly beloved, I confess that I love watching Business TV Reality shows, where people pursue the career / business of their dreams (amongst a whole lot of jealousy, bitching and backstabbing). It makes good television and to my surprise, I learn something useful. It’s also morale boosting because sometimes contestants commit mistakes that not even your 10 year-old niece would! It’s infotainment at its best.

So here is my chosen list of Top Business TV reality shows that I highly recommend, so enjoy!

1.    Dragons’ Den

A venture capitalist TV programme where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to secure investment capital from business leaders.

 2.    The Apprentice UK

Aspiring young businessmen and women compete for the chance to win a £100,000-a-year job as “apprentice” to the British tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

 3.    Stylista

 Fashion guru wannabes compete for a paid editorial position at ELLE magazine in New York, a leased apartment in Manhattan and a clothing allowance valued at $100,000 with H&M

 4.    Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

 Chef Gordon Ramsay helps failing restaurants to turn around their business.

 5.    Peter Perfect

 Image consulting and business makeover show with Peter Ishkhans to help businesses from sluggish to spectacular

 6.    Project Runway

Contestants compete to create the best clothes, usually restricted in time, materials, and theme; with fashion designers judging their designs.

 7.    Beat the Boss

 Two teams, one kids team named “The Bright Sparks”, and one adult team named “The Big Shots”, have to create a product that will appeal to the kid’s market and a panel of children votes for their favorite product.

 So what do I love about Business-themed TV reality shows? It’s television production meets business, an irresistible combo. Plus, at least we are teaching kids that life is not Jackass, Temptation Island, Survivor or Pop Idol that will make you money and give you fame. After all, now even teenagers know the difference between profit and revenue, and equity and capital.