The Week of Taste Malaysia

Under the patronage of the Embassy of France, the MFCCI (Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce), the CCE (French Foreign Trade Advisors), the Alliance Francaise, and the Lycee Francais de Kuala Lumpur, for the first time ever, “The Week of Taste Malaysia” will be held from the 15th to the 21st of October 2012.

Launched in France in 1990. La Semaine du Gout or The Week of Taste was first to encourage French children in schools to become more educated about food. lt spread successfully across France to become a major event. Today, The Week of Taste is celebrated around the world not only in France but also in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Romania, Laos and Australia.

During this special week, events like “The Tables of Taste” (special events and promotional menus at restaurants), “The Lessons of Taste” (demos by food professionals in schools to culinary students), “The Workshops of Taste” (workshops open for public), and the “Grand Bazaar” are organized with the same purposes: TO MAKE PEOPLE LEARN ABOUT AND TO LOVE QUALITY FOOD.

CORE VALUES of The Week of Taste
-The education in the taste of consumers, especially for children
-The diversity of tastes and flavours
-The transmission of professions, know-how and expertise. The transparent and educational information on products, their origin, their production and their specificities
-To encourage behaviour and food consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle

Numerous workshops and a grand bazaar held in Publika will allow to gather young and adult, curious and gastronomes to share a friendly moment of pleasure and discovery, allowing to put “the taste” forward every time!

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One thought on “The Week of Taste Malaysia

  1. Grand Buzzar will always give you us different variety of taste with different color style of dinner foods and cooking,.. We w ill arrive there soon, if we have any chance to reach and free of day..

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