Le Midi restaurant

We discovered a fantastic dining experience in Bangsar recently that had us coming back again and again! LE MIDI restaurant located in Bangsar Shopping Centre is tucked away on the 3rd floor but you would never have guessed how amazing this place is.

Kick off with the gorgeous panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur, with an outdoor terrace for the ultimate fine dining ambience. Indoors is as equally cool, with the transparent jellyfish aquarium that is mesmerizing. All this without having even seen the menu!

Le Midi has an incredible range of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Fancy a taste of South of France? Then the bouillabaisse (French mediterranean soup served with garlicky rouille, croutons and cheese); classic escargots a la Bourguignonne, home made foie gras terrine, steak tartare; and maybe the best part “une assiette de fruits de mer” (giant fresh seafood platter) an all-time favorite of Frog’s! Incredible.

Then head over to Italy for some dolce vita, for my absolute favorite pumpkin poppy seed ravioli in light sage butter; the most mouth-watering black ink squid risotto that is a must-try (Frog and I had to fight over last spoonfuls); beef carpaccio with truffle dressing parmesan shavings; and tagliolini with Boston lobster.

Of course how can I not resist my other hometown Espana? Si si amigos, viva Espana with dishes like Spanish ceviche; chilled Andalusian gazpacho soup; hearty seafood paella for two.

And if that wasn’t enough of a geographical Euro tour, Le Midi even has Moroccan favorite like chicken tagine.

For those sweet-toothed friends like myself, the dessert selection is by no means a disappointment with choices such as chocolate souffle; profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce (forget about eating this elegantly, just inhale!); creme brulee; lemon ricotta cheese tart; pannacotta with passion fruit sauce and my favorite (ok ok I have a few faves) tiramisu. Yum.

So the next time you’re in BSC, swing by to LE MIDI and discover la mediterranee for yourself. You’ll be pleased to know (shameless plugging here) that LE MIDI is going to be featured in our new soon-to-be launched ORIGINALO LUXURY DINING (RM299 for 2 pax).

PZ the foodie lover. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Le Midi restaurant

  1. Hi PZ,

    Are those pictures provided by the restaurant? Or did you (or Frog) photographed it on your own? Always wondering about the quality of photos in all your blogs posts, they are all excellent!

    – Originalo happy customer

  2. Hi there Originalo happy customer!
    First thank you for your comment and how glad we are that you’re an Originalo happy customer! 🙂
    Most of the pix are taken by Frog in our blog posts especially the ones where they are travel related. Amazing aren’t they? But these from Le Midi actually come from the restaurant.
    Happy reading!!

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