Originalo Adrenalin: Shark Cage Rage

Well you certainly can’t accuse me of not “putting money where my mouth is” as I rose to the challenge of Originalo Adrenalin’s Shark Cage Rage at Aquaria KLCC recently.

Putting it down to the vote, Originalo troopers voted a resounding 65 votes for shark cage dive as the number one preferred must-see action for me to do; 2nd in votes at 25 came muay thai (watch this space for that) and 3rd was aikido. So the gauntlet was thrown. I accept the challenge!

So with the tune of Jaws reverberating in my head, I – the human shark bait – was greeted by Aquaria KLCC’s CEO Dato Simon Foong and briefed by their friendly, professionally-trained divers. Good news: no need to be a certified PADI diver (I’m not) to try the Cage Rage. All you need is swimming costume, change of dry clothes and they’ll provide you with the wetsuit and equipment.

My heart was in my throat, the seconds were ticking down. Water 25 degrees celsius – check; breathing apparatus – check; mask – check; weights – check; underwater signs memorized – check. Watch out for the moray eel warns Dato Simon, if they bite they don’t let go! Arrgh.

sharks are waiting for me down there...? *gulp*

And what an incredible heart-pounding sensation it was! I felt totally at ease with the diver at my side as I gradually descended into the cage, surrounded by tonnes of fish, turtles, giant sting rays and of course…. sharks.

oh my the teeth are sharp!

Even funnier were all the kiddies and people waving at me, taking pictures, as I waved back grinning… I was part of the aquarium water life!

can you spot PZ?

who is that crazy girl there?

wave folks!

The other divers came by and began the shark and fish feeding time – so exciting and breathtakingly awesome – to be right there amongst the fishes, giant turtles, territorial sharks, huge sting rays gliding by, it’s really something not to be missed.

all good!

We highly recommend this experience from our Originalo website (RM200) Originalo Adrenalin package — for that all-exciting, heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping experience mixed with the beauty and awe of the underwater world. And you’ll walk away with the Certificate proving that you dared! Watch the video below for my real footage.

Do you dare?

PZ – aka shark bait.


7 thoughts on “Originalo Adrenalin: Shark Cage Rage

  1. Hey! I was just wondering if there’s like a plastic barrier or something in between the bars? Will be trying this out next month!

  2. Hi! There’s no plastic barrier, there are only the bars so the eels, fishes etc can swim inside…. It’s great!

  3. Hi Lee, the dive last for about 30min. And yes, it is absolutely worth it!! Send us the pics 😉

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