Thrilling ride with Solaire Helicopters

Helicopter tours is one of the greatest exciting activities to experience in Kuala Lumpur. Although it was a bit hazy for my ride, I had the opportunity to enjoy the highlights of Malaysian’s landscapes, allowing me to take cool photographs and ride an amazing flight with my friend and fantastic pilot Cliff Fournier.

Which one to choose?

The beast!

All the experienced pilots from Solaire Helicopters will navigate you safely and provide insightful commentaries on landmarks during the tour. Based from the Subang Airport Terminal 3, this is a truly unforgettable way to enjoy KL and feel the thrill of a flight that is very different from what you can feel in a plane. Up to 3 people can fit in a Robinson helicopter like the one we tried.

Strapped in like a baby.

No doors to feel the breeze...

Magnum and TC!

The tour is RM1250 per person with minimum 2 person onboard, with options to do KL City flights, introductory flights to experience helicopter flight, and photo flights. For more info, Solaire Helicopters: 03 7845 4677, email:


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