“THE ADDRESS” is an exclusive online luxury property and lifestyle magazine showcasing great opportunities for luxury living in some of the most sought-after destinations across the world as well as property investment and food and travel features.

The magazine is a division of W International, a fully integrated property and lifestyle group founded in 1999 based in London, UK. Target audience are opinion leaders, influential decision makers, CEOs, high net worth individuals.

Every month, The Address highlights a city and we were selected to write for their “Insider’s Guide” section as we’ve come to be known as the travel connoisseurs. For obvious reasons we wanted to promote Kuala Lumpur as a destination. (London, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo have been so far written).

FOR INSIDER’S GUIDE KUALA LUMPUR p136-145 (click link below The Address):

The Address

For everything you need to know about Kuala Lumpur from best hotel to best sushi to best Italian restaurant to best attraction and best museum etc. Find it here in our definitive guide!



3 thoughts on “THE ADDRESS

  1. Great job on the KL guide guys and definitely spot on with the restos/bars!! Been pastering the leggy lovelies at Luxe Guide to come up with one as our fab City is so deserving of one, don’t you think?

    Thank heavens someone finally answered my (silent) prayers 😉


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