Royal Wedding

Published in Malay Mail 28 April 2011:


Royal wedding has a royal fan

William and Kate

IT is arguably one of the most highly anticipated events of the decade.

As the romance between Britain’s Prince William and his sweetheart Kate Middleton developed over the years, the world followed closely – at times a little too much!

Despite the intense pressure and endless flashes of the paparazzi cameras, the couple will be solemnising their vows this Friday.

For many, it’s the repeat of the grand wedding of Charles and Diana, William’s parents, decades ago.

For who could resist the love story between royalty and commoner, the basic ingredient in many romantic tales? As the world holds its breath, appreciating the pageantry half the world away here would be a princess.

Tengku Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, youngest daughter of the Sultan of Selangor, can’t wait to spend her evening in front of the television to take in the historical moments.

“I love all the pomp and pageantry,” she told The Malay Mail.

“I’m looking forward to watch the atmosphere, the procession, the ceremony, the dress – all of it. I think they make a very striking couple. It’s also nice to celebrate something joyous on TV, as we are often surrounded by bad news.”

We understand that it’s a royal wedding, but does it deserve the worldwide excitement and hype?

“I suppose, because this is the recent major royal event since Diana’s funeral,” Tengku Zatashah said.

“It’s also Diana’s son marrying and people still remember her and Charles getting married in the ’80s. I remember Diana’s dress – I was a young kid at the time but I remember how beautiful everything looked.”

The late princess of Wales will forever be in our hearts. But now that England will have a new princess, can Kate ‘replace’ Diana?

“Kate seems lovely,” Tengku Zatashah commented.

“She is very poised and seems to handle the pressure well. But no, I don’t think so (that she’ll be replacing Diana). Princess Diana was an iconic figure and sadly her life came to a tragic end. But Kate will be photographed a lot and under the paparazzi eyes, that’s for sure.”

Tegku Zatasha

Since she is a princess, we wondered if the wedding makes Tengku Zatashah (pic) think of her own wedding back in 2008 to Aubry Rahim Mennesson.

“In a small way, I suppose. Wedding for the bride and groom is an amazing day for them that they’ll always remember,” she said.

Tengku Zatashah, who was also once a journalist, and her husband are behind Originalo Travel and Leisure gift boxes, a company that pioneered the concept of giving unforgettable experiences as gifts in Malaysia. Tengku Zatashah might not be the only one sitting in front of the TV to enjoy the entire ceremony. One suspects that others in the country will be doing the same.

The good news is, the ‘wedding of the century’ will be available on many channels and will be covered from various angles.

Astro subscribers, for instance, will have an exclusive and comprehensive line-up of special programmes and live coverage across eight channels – CNN (Channel 511), BBC(Channel 512), Granada TV (Channel 735), The Biography Channel (Channel 731), E! (Channel 712) and TLC(Channel 707), Sky News (Channel 514) and Sky News HD (Channel 700). What’s more, starting tomorrow, all Astro customers can tune in to Sky News and Sky News HD for a free five-day only exclusive access, with live coverage of the royal wedding on both channels.

With feed taken directly from the Sky UK, Malaysian viewers will gain access to this historical event from Britain’s No. 1 news channel.

Hosted by Sky News’ morning show, Sunrise’s Eamonn Holmes and Dermot Murnaghan, the channel will bring all the regal glory of the day to their viewers and an opportunity to witness the splendour and exuberance surrounding the royal wedding, in high definition!


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