Earth Hour Youth Fest 2011

For Earth Hour, more than 120 youths gathered at Kota Damansara to participate in the Earth Hour Youth Fest. The Earth Hour Youth Fest 2011, was the brain child of 15 year old Ravyna Jassani, as this year’s theme was to go BEYOND the hour. It was an event organised by 3 different organisations, Kota Damansara Community Forest (also known as Friends of Kota Damansara), MyGREEN Scouting, and Pangaea – Mike Horn.
The event consisted of two phases. Phase One was to create environmental awareness among the Youth Participants. The event started off with a green talk conducted by Sharifah Hani Yasmin, from SMK (P) Sri Aman, Co-Organiser of the Earth Hour Youth Fest, following a Tree-Planting and Composting Workshop conducted by YAWA (Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam). 60 trees were planted to symbolise the 60-Earth Hour Logo. The Composting Workshop was an educational talk, that taught the youths how to make their own compost that can be used at home as fertilisers for their garden or shampoos for their pets.
Phase Two, was about creating awareness among the Kota Damansara Community. Here participants took part in the Gen ‘Y’ Green Attack and Flash MOB. The Gen ‘Y’ Green Attack, involved participants to hand out custom-made bookmarks with short environmental messages to the public. The Flash MOB was the highlight of the evening, all participants suddenly froze in their spot, all giving different poses, some wearing Sandwich Boards that promoted Earth Hour, passer-bys looked quizzically at the participants, curious of what was going on. This was followed by a countdown to 8:30pm when Earth Hour would officially begin.
As the lights went off, the performances began. We were entertained by the Sri Aman Eco Music Band. T-Shirts and Goodie Bags were also distributed among the participants to those who donated more than RM25. Proceeds all go to fund for future projects, by Friends of Kota Damansara, MyGREEN Scouting and to fund for the Pangaea Borneo Projects in the upcoming months.

Overall it was a productive night, full of music, food, fun and eco-goodness. It’s incredible how the original plan was to have just around 20-30 friends celebrate Earth Hour at Padang Kota, which bloomed into this big Youth Fest, impacting and creating awareness among the Youth and Kota Damansara Community.
Congratulations to Ravyna for her initiative! To the youths for your energy! And also to corporations and individuals who participated in Earth Hour!


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