Pecha Kucha: Social Media

I was invited recently by Niki Cheong, The Star newspaper’s R.AGE Youth writer and blogger of Bangsar Boy to do a PECHA KUCHA presentation organized by the British Council Kuala Lumpur. Subject: Social Media.

A Pecha Kucha (goodness only knows how it’s meant to be pronounced!) originated from Japan, deriving from the word ‘chit chat’. The idea of 20×20 format is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace. Pecha Kucha is now a worldwide phenomenon with PechaKucha nights organized in LA, Tokyo, Brussels, Leeds…

Coming from the L’Oreal school of 100 slides is considered a good day, I had to learn speed talk, timing and clarity in explanation which is no simple feat. My presentation focused on social media as an online entrepreneur and how I use social media tools to boost business, connect B2C and B2B customers, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog etc. I was pretty nervous but had rehearsed quite a bit before hand, Frog funnily enough was more nervous for me than I was! (click link to view my presentation)

Pecha Kucha – Tengku Zatashah

(images copyright British Council and Tian Chad)

Many people had gathered that night at Delucca restaurant to listen to us, amongst other speakers included Daphne Iking –TV host and actress, Low Ngai Yuen – Director, producer and head of the newly revived team, Julian Hopkins – PhD candidate at Monash University, Sunway Campus researching the commercialisation of Malaysian blogs, James Chong – Independent Internet Strategist Heading Online & Social Media for P1, Zain HD – Project Manager for RandomAlphabets (the collective behind Glee Flashmob Dance KL, Tali Tenang and Freeze for Unison), Foong Cheng Leong – Senior Associate at Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill focusing on Intellectual Property and Information Technology and cyberlaws, Sivin Kit – Pastor at Bangsar Lutheran Church and social activist, Jonson Chong – Human rights lawyer and former KEADILAN communications director and Niki Cheong – Journalist and social media advocate.

The ambiance was lively and fun, speakers had everyone in stitches. One thing I did learn from Pecha Kucha – you can say enough on a powerpoint presentation in 20 seconds with just one visual, so for all you people who have paragraphs and charts on a slide… don’t do it!

PZ – Miss Pecha Kucha



6 thoughts on “Pecha Kucha: Social Media

  1. Thanks so much for being part of this!! It was great to listen to you and all the other speakers! 😀

    Am glad that you enjoyed the evening as well. 😀

  2. Woot just found out you got sharing some of my photos =D Thanks!
    Nice to see you as one of the speakers and I do like the Originalo idea =)

    Just wonder if you are interested to sponsor some gift experience so I can do a giveaway on my blog as well? I can write up a post and giveaway at the end to promote Originalo~ Find it suit my blog theme too. Lifestyle~!

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