Mike Horn’s Young Explorers Program: Borneo Act Project

We were recently invited to attend the press conference with Mike Horn and his Young Explorers at Aquaria KLCC to launch Mike Horn’s Pangaea Borneo ACT Project.

Mission: The YEPS will set sail on Pangaea to islands in Sabah like Langkayan and Billian islands. With two coral reef specialists onboard, they will go and look for hotspots where the Pangaea ACT Project can ACT, primarially concentrating on coastal clean-ups and the protection of the corals and marine life in the region. The team have their work cut out for them as they go round the islands cleaning it up, turtle conservation, spotting damaged coral reefs etc . Malaysia is the perfect place for the Pangaea ACT Project as here we can show the contrasts of Nature in its real and natural beauty, against Nature that has been harmed by human habitation.

Meet the heros:

Rebecca Berker (Germany. Aged 16)
Akira Biondo Shimada (Japan. Aged 19)
Leonard Chuan Jun Yi (Singapore. Aged 17)
Saraya D’Ath (Australia. Aged 15)
Zofia Drapella (Poland. Aged 19)
Matthew Graesslin (Swtizerland. Aged 15)
Lauren Morrell (USA. Aged 16)
Stefan Oosthuizen (South Africa. Aged 21)
Jen Ho (Malaysia. Aged 16)
Ariane Elle (Malaysia. Aged 16)

As I listened and chatted with these Young Explorers I was amazed by their passion, energy and commitment to these expeditions. Akira for example had gone on Pangaea Mongolia Expedition, Zofia had done New Zealand Expedition, Saraya had done Kamchatka Selection camp, Leonard for the Himalaya Selection Camp… And they’re in their teens! As youth ambassadors they:

  • EXPLORE – by participating in a mind-changing exploration with Mike Horn
  • LEARN – with the help of local people and specialists everywhere
  • ACT – by engaging in clean-up and environmental projects with PANGAEA (a PAAN Global Adventure for Environmental Action)

As I spoke at the Press Conf, I only hoped that the actions of the YEPs will spread amongst our Malaysian youth to be inspired and say “hey I want to do that!” At the end of the day, youths have the power for change. As for me, I’m so inspired by them that I’m in the midst of brainstorming a project for Malaysian youths inspired by Mike Horn’s Pangaea Borneo Act Project. I know that Malaysian youths are just as committed and eager to work on environmental projects for our community, as I’d witnessed together with 40 Malaysian Red Crescent Youths planting 1000 mangrove trees (see link: Planting 1000 mangrove trees )

If you’re interested to know what the YEPs are getting up to in Borneo, check out Mike Horn’s website http://www.mikehorn.com

Bravo YEPs! Keep up the great work 🙂




2 thoughts on “Mike Horn’s Young Explorers Program: Borneo Act Project

  1. Mike

    Welcome to Vancouver I am an some what of a groupee have always admired those that live as you do. I am 60 years old and spent my life in northern canada working with First Nations and Inuit.. I have recently moved to Coal Harbour. I would be completely honoured if you would join me for dinner while your are here. You would be an inspiration to youth I work with in NE British Columbia.



  2. Hi Glenn
    Thank you for your kind message! As it happens I think Mike Horn and Pangaea are in Canada as we speak… 🙂
    If ever I pass NE British Columbia, I’d be honoured to visit …
    Warm regards,

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