Sailing in Borneo with Mike Horn

We had the rare opportunity to share a four-day expedition with South African explorer Mike Horn off the coast of Sabah, Borneo (Thanks to Dato Simon and Datin Mina Foong for the great invitation!).

For the few of you who don’t know Mike Horn, watch on YouTube the fantastic  Fearless series on the story on one of the world’s greatest explorers and extreme adventurers in the modern era.

Amongst Mike’s amazing exploits, he is the first ever person to:

– Navigate the entire length of the Amazon, alone, for six month using a hydrospeed, hunting for food to survive.

– Circumnavigate the globe around the equator, totally alone and without motorised transport.

– Circumnavigate the Arctic Circle, solo and without the aid of any motorised transport or dogs, (2 years and 3 months to complete).

-Travel unaided by dogs or motorized transport from Cape Artichesky in Russia to the North Pole during the permanent darkness of the Arctic months.

Mike has written books about his expeditions, each of which has reached the bestseller list in France. He is a true inspiration!

The dream boat!

Where girls are @ work…

… Whilst men are chatting.

On his boat Pangaea, that he uses to share and impart his knowledge to the younger generation, helping to educate and inform them about the beauty and significance of the planet, we went diving in several spots of Sabah, known for being a scuba paradise.

But instead of beautiful coral reefs, multicoloured fish, we only found dying aquatic life, bleached corals due to global warming and illegal dynamite fishing.

The battlefield

A very lonely cuttlefish.

A true natural disaster that only public awareness and governmental protection can help to control and hopefully to slowly recover.

After this expedition, PZ and Mike Horn’s Pangaea Young Explorers Program are in the midst of working together to act with the Malaysian youth, concentrating on coastal clean-ups and protection of the corals and marine life in the region.

A great challenge ahead to follow!



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