The Restaurant, The Club at The Saujana

In conjunction with the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) who happened to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, we were invited by Dato’ Steve Day and Datin Su (organizers of MIGF) to a wonderful evening dinner to taste the sumptuous menu prepared by Chef Nancy Kenchala at The Restaurant of The Club at The Saujana, member of The Leading Hotels of the World and partner* to ORIGINALO™ Ultimate Gift Experience!

Frog + PZ with General Manager of The Saujana, Ian Hurst

I was not prepared for how amazing the food and evening was going to turn out!

If you haven’t already been to MIGF, then I would highly recommend this one! The veal belly was simply mouth-wateringly exquisite and the scallops with pan-seared foie gras was absolutely delicious!

roast fresh scallops, seared foie gras, braised oxtail – too delicate for words

braised veal belly – I’m still dreaming about this dish!

So don’t miss this menu as MIGF ends 31st October!

* You can find The Club at The Saujana in ORIGINALO™ LUXURY GETAWAYS gift box and Spa & Med Beauty in ORIGINALO™ SPA RELAXATION (

PZ the Gourmet Girl. 🙂


One thought on “The Restaurant, The Club at The Saujana

  1. I go to The Club Saujana every week for the past six months now for my dinner date. Exceptional service, amazing food (I’m a vegetarian but I still enjoy the menu thoroughly) and lovely privacy by the pond.

    Definitely one of my best dining experiences – not just in KL, but ever :). It helps that it’s walking distance from home!

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