Weekend getaway: Hong Kong

For PZ’s birthday, we enjoyed a three-day getaway in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Our program was simple yet highly cultural: Food, food, food!

New York of Asia.

View 1 from Mandarin Oriental.

View 2 from Mandarin Oriental.

Place to collapse after too much food.

From the amazing French chef Pierre Gagnaire to the high-end Cantonese cuisine Yan Toh Heen, from the very fashionable brasserie Le pain Grille by Agnes b. to the amazing  rooftop terrace bar Sevva, we’ve done some of the best places to really enjoy what Hong Kong is all about: A super active metropole with tall skyscrapers on the outside but a real chinese city at heart, with cute little shops where you can buy more or less everything.

Pierre Gagnaire @ Mandarin Oriental. Simply the best!

Yan Toh Heen @ Intercontinental. One of the world’s finest cantonese restaurant.

Le Pain Grille, by Agnes b.  A French fashion restaurant.

The rooftop terrace of the restaurant/club Sevva. Amazing!

The other side of Hong Kong: Traffic jam…

Typical chinese shops…

Inventory stock?

Not New York anymore!

Hong Kong is a perfect weekend destination, where all you have to do is walk up and down the steep streets of the centre before treating yourself with a delightful dinner in one of these amazing international restaurants. Hoi sam! (Enjoy!)



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