Best Private Island Resorts

Not exactly Robinson Crusoe. More like Lord of the Manor. Ever fantasized to be on a fabulous secluded private island resort where the staff and facilities are for you and yours alone? I have hunted for the Top 10 Best Private Island Resorts in the world and what can I say, but baby can you buy me an island please?

1. Parrot cay – turks and caicos

A gorgeous private island resort of 100 acres owned by COMO Hotels and Resort (of The Halkin and Metropolitan fame) in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. You’ll spot Demi Moore and other celebrities here.

2. necker island – british virgin islands

Richard Branson’s private playground in the divine Caribbean islands of BVI, this 74 acred resort is simply stellar.

3. cocoa island – maldives

A favorite of mine that we’ve visited – this is the pure honeymoon paradise spot to be whisked away to. Also part of COMO Hotels and Resorts, Cocoa Island is breathtakingly beautiful.

4. Cousine island – seychelles

An amazing luxury private island resort in the Seychelles (only 6 hours from Paris), and you’ll find yourself in the ultimate getaway vacation staring at the azure Indian Ocean.

4. musha cay – bahamas

An exclusive private island resort in the Caribbean with 500 acres for you to frolick around, Musha Cay is all about luxury with exquisite accommodations that can host 24 guests.

6. pangkor laut resort – malaysia

Not to be outdone by the Caribbean islands, but we too have our secluded and exclusive private island resorts in Malaysia. At the top of this is YTL Hotels and Resorts’ amazing Pangkor Laut Resort (one of ORIGINALO’s partners) in west Malaysia. Pavarotti called it ‘paradise’.

7. bunga raya island resort – malaysia

Ok so maybe I’m biased for Malaysia, but Bunga Raya Island Resort – one of ORIGINALO’s partners – is a beautiful secluded private island resort in Sabah East Malaysia – known to have some of the most amazing dive spots in the world.

8. cayo espanto – belize

Located just off San Pedro, Belize – Cayo Espanto is a luxurious world-class private island resort. Secluded, ultra-cool – this is the ultimate retreat.

9. wadigi island – fiji

Wadigi Island in Fiji is a deluxe private island available for exclusive charter combining luxury accommodation and gourmet cuisine. This has to be the most sublime escape.

10. le taha’a – french polynesia

If someone were to ask me where should we stay in Tahiti, then look no further than the ultimate exclusive secluded private island resort of Le Taha’a, member of Relais & Chateaux. I don’t think you need a honeymoon as an excuse to come here either!

So the next time you really want seclusion and privacy, plus you’ve got the moolah to match, then head to one of these fabulous destinations. (Better still, own your private island…!)



4 thoughts on “Best Private Island Resorts

  1. In my opinion is the Freagte island on the Seychells much more luxury and nicer then the Cousin islands. The separat spa, the nature and the spirit of the nature (tortoise, birds…), the quality of the villas and the personal assistens are much better. At our time there are building new pools (10m to the sea) on Cousin. But my thinking and a high level criticism. 😉

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