Best Luxury Food

For those who know me, will know that I am an absolute foody! And I will go to any length for hunting fabulous food. So here’s my list of the Best Luxury Food/meal you can find – some are totally ludicrous!


How can anyone resist this burger?? It’s totally amazing : this burger contains kobe beef, truffles and foie gras. The real cost comes from the bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus from Bordeaux that accompanies the burger. Created by Fleur de Lys chef Hubert Keller, the man behind Burger Bar in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, this burger will set you back $USD 5,000…!! (hence the name…duh!)


Yes we have the most expensive omelette right here! The restaurant at Le Parker Meridien New York offers the world’s most expensive omelette, or as they call it, “The Zillion Dollar Frittata”. This absurdly expensive breakfast consists of a mixture of eggs, lobster and 10 ounces of sevruga caviar (which costs the restaurant $65 per ounce)…and a charge of $1000 on your bill.


To not be outdone by the world’s most expensive omelette/fritata, I bring you the world’s most expensive pizza – Louis XIII by Chef Renato Viola in Agropoli, Salerno, Italy. The 8-inch pizza is made 72 hours before to give the dough time to rest before being made into pizza. It is topped with the traditional mozzarella di bufala, three types of caviar, lobster from Cilento and Norway, and dusted with pink Australian salt. The cost of this pizza? $USD 12,000  woppers!


Offered at Les Amis, the very chic French restaurant in Singapore (I’m not sure if it’s still available) is a white truffle menu for special clients, a top-to-bottom white truffle menu that starts at $800 per person, not including wine. Paradiso!


I’ve been once to this restaurant in New York and it is simply sumptuous. At $USD205, Daniel’s tasting menu offer some of the best caviar. Fifty grams of Boulud’s private-label Caspian Sea Golden Ossetra caviar goes for $860.

Ok, so now my mouth is watering too! Though these astronomical prices are outrageous, it can leave us dreaming…

If you get a chance to eat or have eaten any of these delicacies, do let me know!! 😉



One thought on “Best Luxury Food

  1. As there is a need to fill in the palate with just good food, there is nothing wrong with filling it up with some luxury and odd foods. Some of us may never have the chance to taste or afford some of the luxury foods but hey it’s worth it. Expensive yet sinfully delicious – luxury foods. Can we resist its temptation?

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