Jungle Trekking in Mulu

One of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy in Borneo, is to explore the Gunung Mulu National Park, one of Nature’s most spectacular achievements and the jewel of Sarawak.

View from the plane.

Adjacent to the park, The Royal Mulu Resort is beautifully situated along the river bank in a lush rainforest setting. We stayed for two nights in the Royal Suite, and enjoyed the amazing natural scenery and the noises of the wild life surrounding us, and the friendly staff helped us organize with all the nature wildlife activities.

Covering 52,865 hectares of virgin rainforest, which is criss-crossed by fast flowing rivers and clear jungle streams, they are many activities you can enjoy in Mulu. Having only a short weekend break, PZ and I decided to start with a boat ride excursion on the Melinau river to visit the Penan tribe longhouse settlement.

It’s called a long house: now you know why!

The next day, we explored the long canopy skywalk which is the world’s longest at 480 metres, and 35 metres high. The view and the sensations are absolutely amazing, as you walk in the towering trees where the rain forest pulses with life, hundreds of colorful butterflies, huge insects, green lezards, wreathed hornbills and lush ferns. PZ usually suffers from vertigo, but braved it!

To realize the size of the trees, that little red spot is a tourist!

Then we trekked to what is hidden underneath the forested slopes of the mountains: one of the largest limestone cave systems in the world. After an hour trek in the forest, you discover the Lang Cave, small, intimate, with delicate stone shawls draped from the ceiling, masses of stalagmites, stalactites and pillars millions years old made of fragile rim stone.

A lonely bat.

We finished the day by one of the most memorable experiences of my life: The Deer Cave! You pass through its large mouth and discover the world’s largest cave passage, surrounded by the sounds of millions of bats roosting 200 meters above and thousands of swiftlets swooping in the darkness. The smell of ammoniac from the bats’ feces is overwhelming but the location unique!

The mouth of the cave.

This rock is known as Abraham Lincoln profile.

The garden of Eden.

CCTV camera with night vision to monitor the bats.

Each evening, between 5 and 6.30pm, the 3 million bats stream out from the cave known as the “bat exodus”. They spiral high above your head in the sky, swirling in long ribbon shapes, looking for food. Unforgettable.

Bat’s Dinner time.

It was our first time to trek into such a dense rainforest jungle, and it’s simply breathtaking! Christopher our guide was brilliant! (Do ask for him next time you go!) There is still much more to see in Mulu (such as the famous Pinnacles) so we’ll leave that until the next time we’re back!

A peaceful evening @ Royal Mulu Resort.




5 thoughts on “Jungle Trekking in Mulu

  1. Our next trip back to Mulu will be the Pinnacles, the other 2 caves and camping in the jungle..! Can’t wait!

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