Bunga Raya, Borneo

After a year in Peninsular Malaysia, I couldn’t wait to discover the beauty of South-East Asia’s biggest island: Borneo. For a Froggy like myself, Borneo was a far and mysterious land of deep jungles, wild nature and untouched beaches. Well, it is true!

PZ and I started our discovery of Borneo with the Malaysian state of Sabah and its most beautiful resort: Bunga Raya.

Located on an island just off the Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu, the resort stretches on a long and white sandy beach facing the South China Sea.

Each villa made of timber and hand-crafted is ideally hidden in a virgin jungle where you can spot from your balcony: monkeys, hornbills and the amazing view of the tranquil bay.

To relax after a long walk on the beach in the hot sun with PZ, what better place than the amazing infinity pool, where it is hard to differentiate the sea from the pool. Life is tough on Gaya Island!

PZ’s reading room.

My office to write this post. (please don’t hate me)

At night, the resort is enhanced even more with the beautiful lighting (one of the best in Malaysia): Powerful white spots on the sandy beach so you can enjoy the sea and the fish at night, and colorful lights in the trees to distinguish the wide variety of the jungle. Stunning to finish the evening!




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  1. You the pictures…Am moving to Penang in about a month / half and am looking for thing to do…Wil make sure to put this on the top of the list…Looks beautiful…

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