Berjaya Redang

An hour away from Kuala Lumpur by plane, there is an idyllic place that you can only find in Malaysia: Redang.

With excellent visibility, spectacular and easily accessible coral reefs, lush surrounding rainforest, Redang, off the east coast of Malaysia is hailed as a scuba diving and snorkelling paradise and a very popular weekend destination. Hence PZ and I considered as our duty to experience the best Redang can offer: Berjaya Redang.

This unique resort is located on one of the best beaches of Malaysia (I have now a doctorate degree in the matter ;-)), with powdery, soft, white sand; palm trees; and crystal clear turquoise water.  Tastefully furnished chalets and suites with stunning views such as gardens, hills or spectacular ocean, we stayed in the Ocean Front Suite – 15 steps away from the beach.

After only two nights, it was very hard to leave this heaven of tranquility and nature paradise. Imagine: Our day starts at 8.30 am with me going scuba diving in one of the richest sites for marine life and corals in the world with a brilliant array of reef fishes, crustaceans and sea turtles. Meanwhile, PZ would enjoy  a rejuvenating experience at The Ayura Spa and snorkelling.

The rest of the day would be dedicated  to reading (and a bit of working) under the sun on the secluded beach where water sports activities such as banana boat rides, canoeing, snorkelling, island hopping, sunset cruises and even fish feeding at the Marine Park are available. To recover from our intense day we would then enjoy a peaceful evening in one of the two restaurants: the Palms restaurant or the Beach restaurant.

On our last night, we had an amazing surprise: a romantic dinner organized for us, in the middle of the sea, on a pontoon under a starry night sky. (thanks Robin for this unique experience!) This will stay as a very special memory that we won’t forget and that will become for sure the signature of the resort. A must do!!

If you have two days or two weeks to relax, dream, dive and pamper yourself, Berjaya Redang is the place to go. Thanks again to Karen and the very friendly staff, we will be back (every weekend!).




6 thoughts on “Berjaya Redang

  1. Hello

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    If you have student packages or offers I would be happy to consider it!

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  3. Hi, I came here by googling “Redang Berjaya”
    Wow , I made sure berjaya is wonderful place to relace by seeing your pictures~!
    I have one question, could I snokel even in the sea in front of berjaya..? are there many fishes or other stuffs?

  4. Hi Minjung! Absolutely! you can snorkel right outside in front of berjaya (there is a pier nearby) and the water is crystal clear blue like the Maldives. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Hey mate, wonderful blog! We are going to Redang and hopefully to Berjaya Resort. How did you swing the romantic pontoon dinner?!? Is that something that can be arranged with resort management?

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