G Hotel, Penang

To finish the series on our favourite hotels in Penang (check previous blogposts: E and O Hotel, Straits Collection), discover the designer stylish G Hotel, a unique urban getaway along Gurney Drive (the Malaysian version of “La promenade des anglais” in Nice), a long wide road which runs the length of the seafront. As a Frog, I always see a bit of France everywhere I go!

With its stunning interiors and spacious contemporary design, the G Hotel offers a real innovative approach in the hospitality sector on the island: To please the business travellers and the contemporary urban travellers.

Spot PZ in this picture and win a free drink at G Hotel!

The hotel is very modern, with a huge lobby, furniture pieces, a design pool, spa, three restaurants with different cuisine (Sesame & Soy, Chili’s, Miraku) and four bars and cafes, plus direct access to a shopping mall.

PZ and I were really thrilled to see such a design hotel in Penang, a symbol of the vitality and young at heart mindset of the island.




8 thoughts on “G Hotel, Penang

  1. Regarding spot PZ in the picture: You were at the reception/bar, am i right? How about a free stay at G Hotel instead?! 🙂

    Nice blog, Tengku.

  2. Hi Syafiq, you’ll have to be more precise…. where by the reception/bar? 🙂 thank you for your comment!

  3. Top left of the picture, your highness. I think i see a white hand bag with you as well. 🙂

  4. Your highness is at the top right, with the white shirt 🙂

    Love to read this blog, full of informative.
    Keep it up! 😀

  5. Hi Ema! Thanks! I’m afraid I’m not in the white shirt but nice try! 😉

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