Lancôme Beauty Institute

The other day I tested the Lancôme Beauty Institute in the hip and trendy Bangsar Village II (Kuala Lumpur), a nice break from my hectic schedule.

Unlike a normal spa with Asian water features and Balinese music tinkling over the sound system, the Lancôme Beauty Institute is more of a futuristic, urban, designer luxury beauty institute.

The surprise is the booth – a multi-sensorial cocoon surrounded by soft, white curtains and depending on the treatment, the booth turns into a session of color therapy (orange for energy; ocean blue for peace and tranquility; and green for vitality). The music is original and specifically made for Lancôme, designed to be in harmony with the motions used in the treatment.

I chose the Relaxing Treatment (RM180 for 60 mins) – they have other treatments like Whitening facial treatment (RM300) or Hydra Harmony (RM260), Anti-Ageing facial treatments with Lancôme products like Primordiale (RM180), Renergie (RM260), or Absolue (RM300), and Slimming body treatments (RM180-200).

As I gazed at the white curtains it felt like I was floating in the clouds. So don’t expect your usual Spa Massage, here at the Lancôme Beauty Institute, it’s about mixing “beauty with sensual pleasure”. The Lancôme philosophy is about stimulating each of your senses in “a perfect blend of harmony and understanding so that luxury, calmness and sensual delight reign in the depths of your being.”

So enjoy the next time you’re in Bangsar: Lancôme Beauty Institute, Bangsar Village II Tel: 03-2287 1084

PZ the pampered.



7 thoughts on “Lancôme Beauty Institute

  1. Thank you for the tip! it looks amazing I will be sure to visit sometime to pamper away the City stress…

  2. Thank you for thèse amazing comments ! Want to be there too.. To see and enjoy.
    Do you know that Spa and Instituts is the art of our activities for my husband and I ? We are manufacturer of design massage tables.
    Haa…, massages and relaxing treatments businesses !

  3. Vanina, you must visit us! Hope all is well for you in France. Bravo with your business with your husband, wishing you all the very best! x 🙂

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