Scuba diving in Maldives

One of the best experiences if you go to Maldives is to scuba dive. The diving around Kandooma Resort which is located in the South Male Atoll is fantastic and covers a great variety of dive sites. The very well equipped dive centre offers diving activities for all levels from beginner to divemaster – as well as many specialty courses.

The many dive sites around the resort

As an Advanced Open Water Diver, I had the opportunity to enjoy deep dives below 30 meters, wreck dives, reef dives and drift dives in strong current; it’s very physical and tiring but they are the most interesting ones because this is where the “big fish” are (sharks, rays, dolphins…) Each dive is a unique moment and our boat was, almost every morning, welcomed by 30 to 50 dolphins, jumping and playing around us. Truly unforgettable!

Enjoy the pix of some of the fish you are guaranteed to see if you dive and don’t forget to always go with professionals to fully enjoy the underwater world. (PZ’s first and last dive was in Jamaica in 1998 during Hurricane Mitch, and sadly it’s impossible to get her back to diving).

Eagle Ray

Bat Fish

Clown Trigger Fish


A big and peaceful Napoleon Fish

Lion Fish

Whitetip shark

Trigger Fish (far more dangerous than sharks, can attack divers for no reason)



Grey Reef Sharks (harmless, consider them like dogs)




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