KANDOOMA, Maldives

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Valentines’ Day and my xth Birthday (I don’t count anymore), PZ and I went for a few days in the fantastic islands of Maldives (the smallest Asian country in both population and area). Even though we’ve all seen many pictures of the thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, the massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens, you really feel that you have suddenly jumped into the screensaver of your computer (you know the one with the boat, the blue water and the little island with palm trees that helps you every winter morning to start a new day @ work).

We stayed at Kandooma (owned by HPL Group and managed by Holiday Inn Resort) situated on the South Male Atoll, adjacent to world class diving and surfing sites, one of the best in Maldives.

Note: None of these pictures have been photoshopped

A bath with a view

Offering smart casual dining wherein kids 12 years old and below eat for free, extensive water sports and activities, a dive center, dedicated kids services and refreshing spa (mandatory for PZ), the hotel’s practical comfort and modern design is what friends and families want to relax and enjoy a unique getaway.

A room with a view

The 2 year-old hotel has a large choice of accommodation available from the Garden and Beach View Villas as well as Beach Houses and the spacious Over Water Villas (where we stayed) with its own private sundeck and water hammock. The ocean view is absolutely breathtaking and fantastic with a good novel. (I had the 1,300 pages “World without End” by Ken Follett to enjoy the sea and the sun).

Blogger @ work

Only 4 hours away from Malaysia (a little more for Europe), we strongly recommend you to dive quickly into Maldivian water if you haven’t yet, as it’s the lowest country in the world, and with the concerns of global warming there’s a great possibility of much of the islands being inundated with water from rising sea levels.

So hurry up, there may no longer be Maldives.




3 thoughts on “KANDOOMA, Maldives

  1. My gosh! You guys stayed at those water bungalows! They’re awesome! I only stayed at the beach bungalows during my honeymoon, but I was happy enough to have a nice sea view from the back of my chalet. And the waters – oh so clear and blue!

  2. I’m going there with my hubby in 3 weeks time….I’m very happy and excited after I saw all good reviews and comments about Holiday Inn Kandooma 🙂

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