The Best Cinema Experience: Gold Class

Paris must have this! I am talking about the BEST cinema experience ever: Gold Class. What is it? Unlike the usual cinema seatings, where if you’re as short as me, then you start to groan when someone tall sits in the seat in front of you. The seats are not so comfortable and you’re all bunched up together.

But for a Gold Class ticket (priced 10 euros), there is a chic VIP seating area outside the screenings (for drinks, food); you get a huge comfy leather seat that reclines and you can put your feet up; the seats are in pairs so perfect for couples; a waiter serves you anything you want (proper meals) and brings it directly to your seat and lastly you have a comfy soft duvet to snuggle up in (don’t you find cinemas sometimes very cold?). Basically jut sit back and relax, it’s like being at home (maybe even better!).

Some recent movies for the ultimate cinematic experience where you can purely appreciate visual and sound effects :



The Legion

Ninja Assassin

The Book of Eli

Shutter Island

So once you’ve tried Gold Class cinema, forget about ever going back to normal screens. Trust me.




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