Memory Lane: The Hamptons

As the New Year begins, I had a sudden reminiscence of the good old days in the Hamptons (watching too much Gossip Girl) – New York’s summer playground for the rich, the famous, the fabulous and well, trendy New Yorkers.  Having spent so much time there as Mother had a beautiful home near the beach of Southampton – 1 and 1/2 hours away from NYC, I decided why not share my trip down memory lane of what must be one of the most exciting places to live in. See why the Hamptons is the home for the likes of Steven Spielberg, Billy Joel, Russell Simmons, P.Diddy, Martha Stewart, Denise Rich, Calvin Klein, Kim Cattrall, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks. So here is to all things typical of the Hamptons!

Home is where the heart is – Southampton, featured in AD

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Best breakfast diner in the world, Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton (best chocolate malt milkshake!)

Sunbathing on Cooper’s Beach, Southampton – 5 mins away from house

Taking the Hampton Jitney from NYC

Typical stores on the Main Street in the Hamptons

Ralph Lauren, iconic store in East Hampton

Della Femina restaurant, East Hampton

The Palm, East Hampton – best steak and grill

Nick&Toni’s, East Hampton

Pink Elephant @ Capri Hotel, Southampton – nightlife

The Cabana Club, Southampton

Robert’s restaurant in Water Mill

Rowdy Hall, yummy burgers in East Hampton

World Pie, Bridgehampton – best pizzas, great lunch place

Sushi Sen, Sag Harbour

Savanna’s, Southampton

What can I say about the Hamptons except for brilliant memories, great friends (you know who you are!), yummy restaurants and a fun time. So when the next time you get a chance to head to the Hamptons, don’t forget to check out my favorite places!




4 thoughts on “Memory Lane: The Hamptons

  1. This is all the outer trappings of the Hamptons though. What I dearly love is not the places with rooftops but the world outside, the sea, the sun, the surf. While I am not one to kiss and tell where, we are celebrating summer in style all over the Hamptons this summer, every morning. Join the Sag Harbor Mermaid Club, virtually online.

  2. I agree Hamptons is beautiful off season, walking on the sandy dunes and gazing at the ocean!

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