Best Hotels in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster…” says the song by Murray Head (can’t help it I am an 80’s fan). Well, it is true!
For Christmas holidays, PZ and I took Frog’s parents to Thailand to enjoy the best the Kingdom of Thousand Smiles can offer.
As tourists from all over the world visit the famous temples and sites, PZ and Frog visited their favorite hotels (as we’ve seen them in previous trips). Like most of Asian cities, the top hotels of Bangkok offer also the best food and restaurants of the city: From a romantic dinner on the river bank at The Oriental to the amazing outdoor panoramic Vertigo restaurant on top of the Banyan Tree, we strongly encourage you to at least have a drink in these gorgeous hotels if you can’t afford to spend the night (shorts and flip-flaps not aloud).
It is definitely part of the amazing charm of this noisy and dusty metropolis. Enjoy the experience and let us know your feedback.

The Oriental

– A landmark and our favorite restaurant on the river bank –

The Shangri-La

– The most beautiful garden of Bangkok & the best pool –

The Metropolitan

– The most design hotel –

The Sukhothai

– Our choice to stay in Bangkok & the best Thai restaurant –

Banyan Tree

– The most amazing view: Enjoy a drink @Vertigo, on the rooftop –




3 thoughts on “Best Hotels in Bangkok

  1. Is this a fairy tale? So the Frog and the Princess lived happily ever after in Bangkok!!?? Hahaha!! Just kidding! Anyway, whichever way, it sounds wonderful. Just like mine…I found a website that helped me choose a lovely discount hotel in Bangkok. I saw all the sights and absorbed the mesmerizing culture. I got to save tons of money with this website with discount online booking and hope to live happily ever after, one day…in Bangkok!!

  2. Really, really true! Bangkok is great and the website we chose offered the best Bangkok accommodations with discounts up to 75%! We had nothing to do except enjoy ourselves!

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