Christmas gifts with a difference…

Fed up of buying the same old stuff every year for Christmas? I mean, how many cufflinks can you actually buy for him? Or, will she appreciate that scarf that looks like Granny knit it? You have no idea what to buy, do you?

If you hadn’t guessed, time has come folks (hear those Christmas carols ringing through the malls?) to put your thinking caps on and search for that genuine, unique gift that will have everyone just squeal in delight! So I bring to you (out of my generous Christmas spirit – ain’t no Grinch in my house!) some actually delightful and different ideas for that ideal gift around the Christmas tree, for any kind of budget.

1. Limited edition candles: Kuntzel & Deygas for Diptyque

Diptyque, my favorite Parisian candles, recently Limited Edition candles (only 4,000) by French artistes Kuntzel & Deygas, themed La Belle et La Bête (Beauty and The Beast). The Beauty candle is scented with notes of Rhubarb, Egyptian Geranium, Blackcurrant Berries, Tea Rose, and Sandalwood and Beast is all about Indonesian Patchouli, Java Vetiver, and Wood. Checkout: or visit 34 boulevard Saint Germain 75005 Paris. Retailed at USD98 for the pair.


2. Nava Design

Milanese stationer Nava Design commissioned Alessandro Esteri to design a set of notebooks. Esteri came up with One Year of White Pages: 12 monthly jotters each with a right number of holes punched through the books to denote the month. Check out: or Retailed at USD38.


3. AlphabetBags

These eye-catching affordable totes will have everyone laughing and bagging one! Adorned in single letters or clever messages, they’re practical, chic and tongue-in-cheek. Check out: Retailed at USD16.


4. Pandora

Women love charm bracelets. But what’s better than a normal charm bracelet is if you can personalize it and make your own, adding as many little charms as you like! Check out: Retailed at USD40-120++ for a charm piece (excluding bracelet etc).


5. Anna Griffin Stationary Wardrobe

I love stationary sets! Though it may be old-fashion with the advent of internet, I can’t think of anything more charming or delightful than beautiful stationary. So why not choose one of the 3 sets (Damask, Zebra, Blue Key) Stationery Wardrobe which comes in a decorative keepsake box.  Each box contains 20 folded note cards, 20 flat correspondence cards, 20 letter sheets, 60 printed envelopes, an adhesive list pad, and 2 adhesive note pads. Check out: Retailed at USD55.


6. Smythson

On the same note, who can resist a Smythson? Established since 1887 in Bond Street, Smythson for me is the ultimate, exquisite joy of leather goods and sublime luxury stationary. You could choose for him the gorgeous green crocodile print calf skin collection? Or the classic engraved monogram Smythson photo album? Check out: Retailed at USD968.


7. Carlo Moretti

Fabulous, funky Italian glassware from the famous island Murano. Moretti even designs glassware that illuminate so you can even use it as lighting known as Illuminati collection or one of my favorites the Minimax collection. Ingenious. Sexy. Check out: Retailed: undisclosed


8. Ralph Lauren Home

No matter the taste, I don’t think you can go far wrong with Ralph Lauren Home. Masculine yet sexy.  My favorite has to be the bedding and pieces in Ralph Lauren’s Penthouse Collection. It makes every home the ideal home. Check out: Retailed: undisclosed


9. Cool-er eBook Reader

You’ve heard of Amazon’s Kindle – eBook Reader where you can download 1000s of books electronically, store it and read it anywhere. But shame the look and design isn’t really there yet. Now here’s something more chic and fun – COOL-ER. Similar in style to Apple’s i-pods, Cool-er come in various colors, cheaper than Sony’s eBook Reader, has its own store, thinner than an i-phone and half the weight of the Kindle. Check out: Retailed at USD249.


10. Les Ateliers Ruby

In Paris, PZ and Frog used to get around by scooter – a very European thing that was so practical and fun. So if you are like us, then why not choose for your partner a really cool funky helmet design by Les Ateliers Ruby. The tweed helmet for your i-phone was exclusively designed for Karl Lagerfeld. Check out: Retailed at USD880.

Like what you see? So start ordering now!

Joyeux Noel!

PZ (and her Frog).



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