Hard Rock Penang

logoThe peaceful island of Penang (Malaysia), internationally known for its delicious Nyonya food and the old colonial buildings of Georgetown, was rockin’ this weekend with the launch of Penang’s Hard Rock Café located on the long beach of Batu Ferringhi.

Surrounded by memorabilia belonging to rock gods, all generations were gathered to dance and enjoy the private concert of Malaysian Ratu Rock (Queen of Rock in Malay) Ella, and environmentally engaged Afro-Asian music style singer Zainal Abidin (talk about a niche market!!)
The two artists were a great discovery for me and very helpful to practice a bit of Malay (yes I am in that phase where you have to take every opportunity!)

So fellow friends, now besides the Blue Mansion, the bechaks, and the Assam Laksa, Penang has a new landmark that is worth to discover.


IMG_0417No, it is not Abraham Lincoln but the King of Pop.

IMG_0418Gathering outside before the show.

IMG_0423The traditional Lion Dance for luck and fortune.

IMG_0402PZ & Frog on the red carpet.

hard Rock cafe Penang

Inside Hard Rock Cafe.

IMG_0427Tan Sri Syed Yusof giving the opening speech.

IMG_0428I could kill for this guitar! Glass unbreakable… too bad.

IMG_0431Rock Queen Ella (she was moving a lot!).

IMG_0429Madonna’s bustier by Jean-Paul Gaultier of course!



3 thoughts on “Hard Rock Penang

  1. I stayed here previous month, it is really beautiful island is now a popular destination for more and more tourists from across the world as the region is gifted with some of Asia’s best beaches and untouched rainforests thriving with wildlife.


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