Which is the best city to live in Southeast Asia?

Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta: the four main cities of Southeast Asia, although quite close to each other, offer a wide variety of lifestyle. Our relationship with our city is always a love-hate relationship, too much traffic but affordable, safe city but expensive, great weather but polluted, unsafe but very fun etc etc…

So to measure the best urban living experience in this part of the world, a good real estate magazine “Property Report” has published recently it’s own reader’s survey on what they like and dislike about their cities. They have measured and analysed cost of basic necessities, prices of apartments, rentals, and interviewed architects and analysts. Here is a sum up of the most interesting results.




Kuala Lumpur


kl 1kl2



jakarta 1

jakarta 2



bangkok 1bisBangkok 2So wich city would you choose to live in?

Basically it really depends on what you are looking for. Singapore has high stability and safety but is expensive, KL is affordable with a vibrant nightlife but KLlites do not feel safe (? I feel much safer than in Paris), Jakarta is facing major problems of urbanisation, and Bangkok is affordable and fun but has a lot of pollution.




23 thoughts on “Which is the best city to live in Southeast Asia?

  1. kuala lumpur is best city but i think the city is dangerous because a lot of criminal such like snatch bag..everytime i go out i prefer not bring my bag …

    I think the mos best is Singapore …singapore is one of the famous and best city in the world ….but the living cost is expensive … :p

  2. Taipei of course! Great weather, pollution-free, friendly people, centrally located (1.5 hours to Hong Kong, Shanghai; 2.5 hours to Tokyo; 4.5 hours to Singapore); delicious food; proximity to mountains, beaches, etc. 🙂

  3. singapore tooooooo small
    not spacious..
    come to sabah..
    -virgin jungles (try danum valley)
    -pure animals (zoo / safari are not natural)..
    -see the rarest animal species & plants only found in borneo..
    -world class islands holiday..
    -diver’s dream underwater life heaven.. (mabul island, sipadan, turtle island, etc.)
    -highest mountain in south east asia..
    -safe not like kl (or even singapore)..
    -whatelse.. rilex, no noisy2, cool (land below the wind)
    ohh i really miss sabah.. huhuhuhuu..

  4. I think in south east asia the city for living in Bangkok however its crowded. Its a city which never sleeps lot of fun there and excellent infrastructure peoples are so nice. Living cost is not expensive at all

  5. Bankok is the best city for living in South East Asia Becuse you can find many intersting places, relex your life and do many activities. It is covering with the beautiful natural view both day and night time. So you never miss your home town as living in bangkok is your happiness.

  6. Kuching. Recently it just won “Model Bandaraya Bersih PBB dan WHO”, “Anugerah Bandaraya Sejahtera Di Asia Tenggara” , “Bandaraya Paling Selamat Di Asia Pasifik” and “Anugerah Bandaraya Paling Bersih Di Malaysia” by World Health Organisation (WHO) and Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB).

  7. ..nothing to the said main cities..for me I would rather to choose Metro Manila or Metro Davao..both are great cities rich in culture and awesome….

  8. Kuala Lumpur is the best (and I feel safe most times). Bangkok is nice, but immigration will annoy you (and a complete lack of logic in the country). Sg is fair, but expensive and not friendly (not attractive ppl), KL and BKK have nice and attractive people.

  9. I think that MEDAN is the really good city.just come to medan.there is so many DURIANs.You have to try this fruit.The price is not expensive.

  10. There is no best ….just one of the best. They are all good……try to stay time in each. Ways to live, dudes!

  11. I have been to all cities but over all penang is the best.metro penang has 2 million people.international airport and seaport,great hospitals and education centers.very good shopping,affordable tropical,close to all the known places in the world.and and has beautiful beaches ,hills,architecture and night life.all at reasonable cost. Crime rate is less then any of the big fours or any europen city.it is a paradise compared to the cities you are commenting on

  12. Jakarta may not be that much of a fame but you just coulnd’t get enough once you live there seriously! Jakarta is pretty cheap too except when it comes to alcohols and boost

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