KL: The city that never sleeps!

IMG_0197One thing that amazes every foreigner from good old Europe when they arrive in KL is the number of buildings under construction. Like most Asian cities, KL is in constant evolution.

Day and night, 24/7 you hear the sound of work in progress and enjoy the amazing ballet of cranes. The most prestigious architects (Foster, Nouvel, Kessler, Clarke…) from all over the world compete fiercely to create tomorrow’s new landmark and enhance the city’s skyline.

One thing that I adore is the drawings made by developers, usually pretty far from reality, but hey! The dream and the feeling of living in a Philip. K. Dick novel is definitely worth it! Here is my favourite selection of the latest condominiums of Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy.


Setia Sky ResidenceSetia Sky Residence

theoval_aiThe Oval


troika bathroomHaving a bath @ Troika?

ytl-residence-kuala-lumpur-patrick-jouin-sanjit-manku1YTL Residence

meritzThe Meritz (by French architect Jean Nouvel, ugly inside)

four seasons 60story-36storyreducMy favorite: Four Seasons

kavenueAvenue K

pic07The Avare (The name means stingy in French!)

4bPark Seven

buildingdesignOne KL (with private pool in each apartment)

13thumb_bigLiving room in One KL

11thumb_bigYour own private pool facing the Petronas Towers

HP1003An Architect on drugs…



3 thoughts on “KL: The city that never sleeps!

  1. “There are three forms of visual art:

    Painting is art to look at,

    sculpture is art you can walk around,

    and architecture is art you can walk through” 🙂

  2. The languid backwater British colony has come a long way in a relatively short time. Thanks for the fun post. Your mentioned my good friend, architect Robert Kessler, and his career-crowning building, Avare (hilarious French translation). It always makes me smile when I see Bob’s name mentioned among heavyweights like Lord Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel. After all, Bob was a heavyweight. He was just so much fun. He had a heart of gold and I was blessed to have known him. I received news that Bob passed away yesterday in Kuala Lumpur, from complications stemming from a head injury.

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