Apple designs – the ultracool

apple-logo1I see the future and it’s Apple…

Imagine the day where everything’s Apple. What a delight. As an Apple geek, I can only say I can’t wait to see what else these geniuses can bring out. After all, who didn’t notice the massive product placement Apple gadgets in HBO’s Entourage and other countless movies. The world is rocking to iPods, nanos, iTunes, shuffles, Macs, and of course the star – iPhone.

So here below are some potential future Apple appearances from the fun to the outrageous – vote for which you’d love to see next. I know what I’d kill to see… 🙂


apple-video-glassesApple 3D glasses ?

ipod-memory-sticksiPod memory stick ?

istick AppleiStick ?

Apple carApple iCar ?

Apple razoriRazor ?

Apple padApple pad ?

Apple phoneApple phone ?

Apple hairdryeri-dryer ?

Apple carApple car?

iwatchiWatch ?

AppleMacflat ?



3 thoughts on “Apple designs – the ultracool

  1. and how far was I in predicting the Apple pad now known as the i-pad? I see the future and the future is Apple…

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