Behind the Brain Drain

Published in THE EDGE Malaysia, August 2009:

Behind the Brain Drain

To read this article, click this link: Behind the Brain Drain




4 thoughts on “Behind the Brain Drain

  1. Interesting article on brain drain. In fact Singapore’s ASEAN scholarship could be called an institutionalized form of brain drain. This program selects bright 11-12 year olds and educates them in Singapore. With their formative years spent in Singapore, a vast number then decide to stay there, giving Singapore a pool of talent for minimal cost.

  2. Thanks Juarez for your comment.
    Yes I read somewhere that Malaysians lose most of their graduates to Singapore.
    We have to realize that the importance of “resources” must also include human resources and not just simply commodities and raw material. Without human resources, we are not able to advance as quickly as we’d like.

  3. PZ, what a great article… you’ve just articulated a lot of what I think too re: Malaysian grads overseas. Being a returning ‘brain’, I’m happy to report that I’m happy to be home, happy to be a professional in a multi-national here in Malaysia and the opportunities are out here for growth and fulfilment. We must take the steps to change and develop in order for Malaysia to be the Malaysia we dream of – let’s not shy away from that. And the ‘teh tarik’ I came back for…? It’s better than ever!

  4. Yes, Singapore is full of wonderful young people of different nationalities including my 28 year old daughter and son in law who are both teaching at a well known International school there – yes the brain drain – but most young people want to travel, gather experiences, see new places and to educate themselves by these experiences – we will then have an older and wiser world population later and make the world a better place – hopefully- and who will want to come back to their homelands. I know that is my daughter’s intention – hope she still feels that way!

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