Spas take off in Asia

Here’s an interesting article I found in Fortune by Sheridan Prasso (whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with at L’Oreal) about the revival of the spa industry in Asia. I can attest to that! Who says we can’t get enough of Thai massages, Balinese massages, Malay urut, Indian ayurvedic and Japanese shiatsu massages?? 😉

Fortune – By Sheridan Prasso, Fortune contributing editor

August 21, 2009

Healthy living is back in style in Asia, which means a revival of ancient Asian wellness techniques – and an explosion of spas.

HUA HIN, Thailand (Fortune) — Yue-Sai Kan — one of the most recognizable women in China with a cosmetics empire and her own TV show — often needs to get away from the grueling pressures and polluted skies of Shanghai and Beijing, where she lives.

Her refuge of choice? A health spa in Thailand called Chiva-Som. “The service is amazing, and the food is amazing, too,” she says of the wellness center in the beach resort town of Hua Hin, where patrons are offered lemongrass tea all day as a diuretic and eat only healthy salt-free, oil-free, sugar-free food. “I go sometimes more than once a year, from three days to 12, depending on what time I have. But I would love to stay six months. That would really make me healthy!” …

Chiva Som, Thailand

Chiva Som spaChiva Som Spa resort

Click on this link to read the full article: Spas take off in Asia



3 thoughts on “Spas take off in Asia

  1. Hi Z-

    Awesome site and glad to reconnect! I am interested in exploring Malay traditions in particular for a future article, if you have any insights or know where I might seek further info.

    I’ve heard fantastic things about Pangkor Laut but presume the resort would be fairly inaccessible for most Malaysians… so where instead?

    Are you in KL these days?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Sheri!

    Excellent to reconnect again! Yes, I’m based permanently now in KL so any time you happen to be in the region, it would be great to meet up. I do have some ideas for you… I will email you directly.

    It’s true that YTL group (Pangkor Laut, Tanjong Jara, The Majestic, Malacca) are fantastic hotels, known for their signature spa treatments incorporating traditional Malay massage style and ingredients. But it is very high-end.

    Let’s do stay in touch, 🙂

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