Fear Factor for Entrepreneurs

Published in THE EDGE MALAYSIA, July 2009:

The Edge Malaysia July 2009To read this article, click this link: Fear Factor for Entrepreneurs




4 thoughts on “Fear Factor for Entrepreneurs

  1. i like to read your articles in THE EDGE, mostly this one. I hope u could share more regarding your experience in starting up new venture. To be an entrepreneur, it needs a lot of sacrifices especially when i started young from zero,less capital and less knowledge. When i compare to colleagues at university, all of them already in senior position.But i still looking for right steps forward, right ideas and right action.

  2. Excellent Article!! I’m on the same moment, I left my job cause of a Love… and that was the trampoline to start my own company I have been involved on tourism in Patagonia the last 13 years from a Trekking Guide to a Manager of Tourist Companys and lately Operations Manager for the Refugios in Torres del Paine.
    I’m just 31, with this article I get more motivated that what I’m doing is perfect!
    Un abrazo

  3. Querido Sergio!
    Buena suerta en tu aventura! That’s wonderful that you decided to strike out on your own – it’s a brave decision but I’m sure you will find it very rewarding. If ever I am in Patagonia, I will look up your company to organise a good tour!
    Good luck and am glad that you are inspired from my article!
    Saludos, Zatashah

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