Exclusif with CJ Mackintosh

CJ MackintoshCJ Mackintosh is one of the world’s most renowned and respected British DJs, having remixed and produced for the likes of Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, De La Soul, C+C Music Factory to name a few. Born in Paris but raised in London, he made a name for himself by winning the UK title in the DMC Mix Championship in 1987. He became the Resident DJ for legendary nightclub Ministry of Sound, spinning house/garage tracks and released several mixed albums in his name. You can still find him at Kinky Gerlinky, Pasha London and other hotspots. This man is a true music genius.

Frog&Princess: What is your favorite boutique/shop?

CJ: The answer to that question back in the day would have been numurous records shops but i don’t buy records anymore. I now just sit here in front of this computer on my fat arse and listen and download. Sad really…I miss them days. So the answer to the question is none now!

F&P: Your favorite hotel?

CJ: Never spend enough time in hotels to really appreciate them. Usually in and out. As long as it’s clean and the bed is comfortable and the shower works with power then I’m all good.

F&P:  Your favorite restaurant?

CJ: Kebab shop in Sydenham’s pretty good…

F&P: Where is your dream holiday destination? 

CJ: New Zealand

F&P: Your favourite activity? 

CJ: Anything but sitting in front of this computer on my fat arse downloading music and wasting time on Facebook!

F&P: What are you watching and listening to right now?

CJ: I was just listening to the Foo Fighters and was watching Lost but now need to wait for the next season…can’t wait.

F&P: Who or what inspires you?

CJ:  My 2 children always inspire me.

F&P: What do you not like?

CJ: Politics

F&P: What is your most recent extravagance?

CJ:  Selling my record collection on discogs. http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=cjmackintosh

F&P: Who is the person to follow in the next few years?

CJ:You can be a follower of me on my blog if you want! http://cjmackintosh.blogspot.com/

Thank you CJ for your participation! Find out who is our next… 



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