Exclusive with Jose Levy

jose_parcoursJosé Lévy – a Parisian with many talents, Jose Lévy is a designer in fashion, furniture, home furnishings, art, decorative objects… He created his own men’s fashion label, José Lévy à Paris; he collaborates with big names like Holland & Holland, Nina Ricci, Cacharel and Emanuel Ungaro. In addition, Lévy designs bed linen with Garnier Thiebaut, curtains for Robert Le Heros, decorative objects with Deshoulières and the list goes on. As if that’s not enough, he also launched his collection of scented candles and designed fragrance packaging for Nickel, men’s skincare. He is now marking his name in art and design with an exhibition at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. This man is a true artist, establishing his vision on any form that he can find to express himself.

Frog&Princess: What is your favorite boutique/shop?

José Lévy: John Derian,  6 East 2nd Street NY 

F&P: Your favorite hotel?

JL: Auberge du Tingaro, between Marrakech and  Essaouira, Morocco

F&P:  Your favorite restaurant?

JL: Waly Fay in Paris and Woseley in London

F&P: Where is your dream holiday destination? 

JL: Anywhere in the sun, for two and in love

F&P: Your favourite activity? 

JL: Working

F&P: What are you watching and listening to right now?

JL:  France Inter (radio) and the Genius of my i-Tunes

F&P: Who or what inspires you?

JL: What surprises me

F&P: What do you not like?

JL: Stupidity added with self-importance

F&P: What is your most recent extravagance?

JL: Starting Entree Payante

F&P: Who is the person to follow in the next few years?

JL: Barack and one-self

Merci Jose for your participation! Find out who is our next… 🙂



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