Easy PZ Saving Tips!

cool_dollar_signWe need to find ways to defy this depressing credit crunch, so who best to call, than the one who likes to splurge, shop, browse and eat out? Yes folks, PZ to the rescue!

Here, the first part in a series, I’ll share some fun and even silly ways to save your mullah and yet splurge on a budget.

  1. chanel-5-lg1. Can’t afford your favourite Chanel no 5 fragrance? Well, those sales assistants are ready at hand to spritz you with the latest perfume in the malls, or you can spritz secretly in the beauty corner.

self_help_library_home2Love to read loads of books? Obvious port of call would then be join the local library or swap books with those cute tiny second-hand bookstores. Just don’t give your worn-out 1980s Barbara Cartlands for the latest chick lit because seriously, that’s not fair.

ysl_2005_stefano-pilati_karen-elson.preview3. According to my sister, our family motto is “never buy retail”. So follow this tip and always negotiate for a lower price. Given that Yves Saint Laurent might not look at you kindly, but if you are shopping at YSL then you don’t need to read this post!

happy_hour4. Happy hour! Ok, so this happens even if we are in a bullish market, but do we really pay attention to places with happy hour? Time to do so, but please do avoid rolling drunk to a dinner or worse – drink and drive! Happy hour means stay happy, not get roaring pissed.

BKSW5. Redeem those credit card points and flick through that catalogue. With free points, you can get all sorts of fun and funky stuff. I even got a Le Coq bag and mini-booklights (for those 3am insomniac nights).  Someone I knew even redeemed a 50inch plasma TV! Yes, check those points now and cash it in.

negotiate081110_5606. Save money by getting your own recession bible by Victor Loh “Upsides in a Downturn” that tells you ways in surviving a recession.

pedestriancrossingsign67. Walk or bike to work. Yes it’s cheaper and you get fitter – those with large tank-size SUVs are just gas guzzling and emitting out so much carbon, it’s embarrassing. Remember, size is not important people!


8. If you don’t want it, don’t just throw it, Ebay it. Yes, there are weird and wonderful people out there willing to buy your crap. Some even ready to collect and buy used luxury shopping bags. Whoever heard of such nonsense?! But apparently after you’ve dented your wallet in Dior, you can then sell the Dior shopping bag onwards to some saddo…

So look forward to my next installment for fun ways to crack the credit crunch! And do leave me some ideas, so I can add them with your name. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Easy PZ Saving Tips!

  1. 1. Buy stuff that has free-gift with the purchase. Free mug / cup / umbrella etc.
    2. Buy in bulk – they are generally cheaper – quantitatively speaking; shampoo / soaps / toothpaste.
    3. Make a list of groceries items u want to buy – buy all of them at one go / visit. Repeating trips to the supermarket – waste petrol & time. Also, by having a list of groceries items – you’ll be more focused on stuff that you “need” to buy instead of “want” to buy.

  2. Troq-mode / clothes swap : exchange clothes/bags etc with girlfriends, less outta the pocket but you still seem to have ‘new’ stuff to wear! 🙂

  3. hi im from penang. was wondering where to find second hand books in malaysia. i’d searched around im penang they kind of hard to get now adays. loved her book. thanks

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