10 things I love about KL

To complete one of my posts 10 Things about Paris to remember and to celebrate my 1 month anniversary living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ok it is not much but for a frog used to his Camembert, Reblochon and the cold weather of Paris, it’s quite a feat!) I have listed my top 10 things that I already love about KL and that you might not know:

521001746_b1101d7fd81- The hot weather! Even when it rains, having constant hot weather is fabulous. Don’t listen to people who say that you need seasons. They have obviously never lived in a warm country. I simply can’t stand winter and having sunshine everyday is heaven.

no-dog-poop-zone-sign-thumb32384872- The total absence of dogs. Fabulous! As a former Parisian, I hate the tiny yappy ones that poo all over the French pavements. Well, so far in KL I haven’t seen any pet dogs, probably due to Islam that considers dogs impure. I am all for that! Enough of dog crap all over the place!

7-fried-garlic3- The fried garlic smell in the air just before lunchtime and dinnertime. If you don’t like garlic, avoid Asia! Thin sliced fried garlic is in every street, every dish and every breath of my wife… It is just to die for!

food-court-mall4- The passion of Malaysians for food. From a true Frenchman, I am telling you we are waaaayyyy behind. Malaysians eat all the time (minimum 5 times a day) and talk about the next meal they will have whilst eating a big plate of nasi goreng. Yum!

CIMG00545- Purple Proton. For those who don’t know, Malaysia has 3 national cars: Proton, Perodua and Naza. Just try, it is worth the drive! In Paris, tour operators organise for tourists city excursions in the mythic, old 2cv. I’m thinking of doing the same here in funky Purple Protons!

Prime Minister of Malaysia

Prime Minister of Malaysia

6- Colourful Batik shirts worn by the ministers and officials. I adore it! It brightens up so much the politicians and daily news. I wish President Sarkozy could appear on TV in a Tahitian ‘Thomas Magnum’ shirt. It will surely boost his popularity!

4004930-Petronas_Twin_towers_at_night-Kuala_Lumpur7- The Petronas Towers. Ok, it sounds very touristy, but the vision of the towers illuminated at night is amazing. I can enjoy the show every night from my balcony and I am still not bored.

CIMG00578- My condominium pool!  It is part of the hot weather package: Having the possibility to swim every morning is priceless for a European city boy.

2750331386_13725a444b9- Monkeys: KL-ites will probably kill me, because they are considered as the pigeons of Asian Cities, but it is great to see monkeys jumping around in the high, green trees of busy KL Centre.

2576470269_8daa994bba10- Kaya and teh tarik: For those who haven’t tried, it is a must! Kaya is the super sweet local coconut jam to put on toast or to eat in puffs (equivalent of Nutella). Teh tarik is a super sweet beverage you get everywhere, at every function as well, it is tea mixed with condensed milk. Better train an hour on a treadmill after one glass of teh tarik, but it is absolutely delicious!

Frog. (soon on diet!!)CIMG0009


12 thoughts on “10 things I love about KL

  1. salut vous avez une nouvelle vie …
    bon je cherche un job si il y avait …
    amicalement sébastien

  2. Kaya and teh tarik seems perfect to me. I am just retruning from 10 days of Kebab in Turkey…I can’t stand them anymore.
    See you soon in Bali

  3. I agree with everything except number 6… wouldn’t work.. a 2CV is far more relaiable than a purple proton 🙂

  4. seriously food business is the best buiness all year round in Malaysia…economy crisis is no harm for the mamak stall owners…people are still swarm the place like bees *huge grin*

  5. I cannot agree more. Food in Malaysia, seriously you should more food. Each state has its own unique traditional food.

  6. I agree with all things u desribed…Actually, I prefer to live in Malaysia than Indonesia…can’t wait 4 moving there…at least doing a vacation for a few weeks…

  7. other than as a modern city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also has many interesting places which could become a tourist attraction, is admirable. Kuala Lumpur is the fastest growing city ..

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