Is Sustainable Luxury sustainable?

Published in THE EDGE MALAYSIA, May 2009 Manager@Work:

princess@work Sustainable LuxuryTo read the article, click this link: Is Sustainable Luxury Sustainable?




5 thoughts on “Is Sustainable Luxury sustainable?

  1. Depends on what you consider to be a luxury. I consider it a great luxury not to have to drive to work… I just walk five blocks. I consider it a luxury to have three grocery stores within two blocks, so we can buy what’s for dinner and carry it home in a bag or two… on foot. You get the idea… luxuries are things we enjoy intensely, and that are kinda rare in the everyday world. At the end of this post there’s a longer description of what I consider luxury:

  2. Interesting article! Glad you also admire buildings that are architecturally sustainable. We are building a project called PJ Trade Centre [that speaks of most of what you wrote]. It has sky terraces, huge plaza planted with the most wonderful of trees. We want to invite you and Aubry to view this remarkable building! Do drop a note to let us know when!

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