Exclusive with Donald Potard

Donald Potard

Donald Potard, a Frenchman with lots of flair, was the former CEO of Jean-Paul Gaultier until 2005 having spent 25 years in the group. He then joined British luxury group Marchpole Holdings to become CEO of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and CEO of Emanuel Ungaro for Men. He was also President of the prêt-a-porter fashion designers union and member of the French Federation of Couture. Since 2006, he created the first artistic agency for fashion designers, Agent de Luxe.

Frog&Princess: What is your favorite boutique/shop?

Donald Potard: The internet. 

F&P: Your favorite hotel?

DP: Rajvilas Palace hotel, Jaipur 

F&P:  Your favorite restaurant?

DP: Grand Véfour, Paris

F&P: Where is your dream holiday destination? 

DP: Rajasthan, India

F&P: Your favourite activity?      

DP: Listening to opera

F&P: What are you watching and listening to right now?

DP: I listen to Jeanne Balibar “Slalom dame”

F&P: Who or what inspires you?

DP: Fashion designers

F&P: What do you not like?

DP: Homophobia

F&P: What is your most recent extravagance?

DP: Buy a crazy new dog

F&P: Who is the person to follow in the next few years? 

DP: David C.Barrot, a young movie Producer whose movie has been nominated for Cannes’s Festival.

Thanks Donald for your participation! Find out soon who is our next…. 🙂



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