10 things about Paris to remember

As PZ and I are about to make the big move from Paris to Kuala Lumpur, I realize with the countdown of days clicking in my head the things I will remember and probably miss about Paris.

As a true 100% Parisian, I’ve never really asked myself what do I like about the City of Light. Driving along the avenues on my scooter as spring finally arrived, I realized that what I’ll miss about my hometown are a bunch of small details, probably invisible to the visitors and those who stay but very important to the one that leaves. (Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled and ecstatic to move to KL with PZ).

Without sounding too nostalgic and trying to avoid as much as I can the “Amelie Poulain syndrome” when mentioning Paris, I have listed the 10 things I will remember about my city.

jean_beraud_au_bistro 1- The late dinners with my friends in a typical “petit bistro”.

le_trottoir_mouille2- The smell of Parisian pavements just after rain. (No it doesn’t smell of dog sh…!)

images3- My café creme at the zinc bar, taking my time reading “Le Parisien” newspaper.

images-14- The view from my window (La Place du General Catroux, simply splendid!)

images-25- The Parc Monceau (a gorgeous public park where I spent my childhood).

images-36- A seafood plate filled with oysters, clams, mussels, crayfish… from Brasserie “Le Congres” while PZ is having a sole meuniere.

34674a-la_fnac_bastille_va_fermer_en_2007- Saturday morning at La Fnac to browse DVDs, comics, books, CDs for the weekend (French version of Virgin Megastore but much better ;-p)

plateau-de-fromage8- Cheese, cheese, cheese: the creamy and smelly ones, not the plastic British cheddar (Camembert, Reblochon, Epoisses, Livarot…)

2655302157_41ec0533389- The early blossoming of chestnut trees (in Paris they are the first to blossom beginning of April and the first to lose their leaves end of September)

scooter10- Driving my scooter with PZ Hepburn behind me, whizzing through the traffic at Place de la Concorde (In Paris, no matter where you go, you always finish stuck at la Place de la Concorde)

As we are finishing packing our eight luggage (thanks to my wife for her tight selection), I am looking forward to discover the small details that I will love about KL.

Future post in the making!




12 thoughts on “10 things about Paris to remember

  1. best of luck to you both on your big move! you will undoubtedly find success and many new loves in your adventures ahead!

  2. ‘Selamat Datang’ in advance to both of you. I love No.6 as I love seafood so much but I am sure you will get it here ala Malaysia!

    No.10. Oh boy,I wonder if I could get the old version scooter and scooter around Lake Como! If I can’t afford to visit Lake Como, Tasik Titiwangsa in Malaysia will do too! or perhaps arounf the cliffy road @ Batu Ferringi in Penang.


  3. Thanks everyone for all your lovely wishes!!
    We’re both really touched by your words.

  4. once you two are back here, we’ll take you to the best crab place ever!

    it’ll get [very!] messy — you’ve been warned! — but it is superliciously yummy!

    good luck with the packing etc! =)

  5. Nothing about playing video games with some of your crazy male friends ? Or sharing hysteria with a Parisian stadium watching a PSG football game ? Or shocking old ladies when attending a bourgeois wedding wearing a skirt ? Or cooking a Malaysian feast with Zatasha (… and mother-in-law on the phone) to please your friends during vacation in Southern France ? Well, these are a few things we really enjoyed sharing with you and Zatasha, and that we will surely miss after your leaving France. Best wishes for your new adventure, and see u soon in Paris – KL – elsewhere. On vs embrasse, Lionel & Aurore

  6. Good luck with KL. I have been there and loved it – a crazy city! Now I know why the pavements are so high off the road — the RIVERS of rain when it rains — it’s not like that in Scotland you know!! Driving and traffic in KL are crazy too – they all drive like there will be no tomorrow and the rickety taxis –!! It was great to find lovely little temples and mosques hidden away behind skyscrapers – so unexpected! A most wonderful retsurant we went to there was Frangipane – you need to book – AND — THEY SERVE LOVELY FOIE GRAS!!!

  7. Thank you for your message Marie. You have perfectly captured some of the aspects of living in KL! And yes Frangipane is a very good restaurant!

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