Declutter your life!

clutterAs my Parisian love affair winds down (with the city I emphasize, Frog is very much part of my life), the time has come to get down and dirty – packing and cleaning. Yes, it’s never easy to pack and up to another continent, deciding what on earth to take with you.

Lucky for me I’m a bit of an old-hat at this but even if you dread the action of decluttering your life, throwing those bits of rubbish that’s collected dust over the decades having convinced yourself the absolute necessity of said item in case of an emergency. (Eg. PZ keeping CDs but has no CD player and uses an i-pod and the emergency being in case my i-pod doesn’t work I still have CDs? Ok whatever!)


But there are lessons to be learnt for everyone everyday. It doesn’t need you to move to another country.

Decluttering is the ultimate in feng shui wellbeing. Ask yourself do you honestly need all this accumulated cr@#p? Throwing away stuff is cathartic, liberating and to be quite honest we should do it once a week at home and the office. It’s exhausting but energising. Confused?


Ok, how often have you kept the mountain of paperwork and dossiers (usually in triple copies) that in fact you keep an electronic version on your Mac? Get rid of it, clean up that chaotic office/home and feel the good energy and vibes flowing through the rooms.  Yes it takes time and effort (the exhausting part) but the act of decluttering and living in a minimal, clean space is so energizing.


I suppose human nature we tend to get attached to material things that remind us of a certain moment or person. But really, it’s just a psychological attachment. The memories are in our hearts, unforgettable. As for the useless items cluttering my living space, it’s not ideal for feng shui because it carries negative chi – the more clutter you have the more it creates confusion, disorganization and stress.  


So my reasons for you to bust your clutter and live in a zen zone:

1.     Less stressful. Clutter is visual distraction. The less clutter, the less visual stress we have.

2.     Easier to clean. If you’re the type to keep hundreds of items (paper, files, pens, decorative objects etc) it’s never easy to clean around them.

3.     More appealing. Whoever said that all those personal objects over time looks elegant? Minimalist darling is key.

4.     More organised. Your life after a decluttering session feels more in control. You are in control of what you possess and not the objects possess control over you.


And I have a pretty simple technique to declutter:

       Be Merciless.

       Set aside a couple of hours a day (you can’t do your life in a day!)

       Pull everything off the shelves and start throwing or give to charity if it’s nice.

       Make a Maybe pile – then go through it again and be merciless.

       Celebrate when you’re done!  

purge_your_closetsPZ the Zen.  







6 thoughts on “Declutter your life!

  1. Thanks for the tips. My house is the ultimate clutter field of a home based office and a playground of a 3 year old with toys she has kept from birth. I like what you said “Be Merciless”. Have to remember that now when I hear a scream or shout from my 3 year old and my 36 year old whenever I attempt to spring clean the house 😉

  2. Glad it’s useful! There’s also the system to stop yourself before you get to that nightmare cluttering stage. Before buying non-essential items that end up piling in front of us, always check to see HOW much do I need it? Half of the time, we’ve bought stuff that probably never gets used…
    Good luck to you both!

  3. Good for you! I agree with everything you said 100%.

    If you have never decluttered your life before it is very scary to begin with. You might have a lot of feelings and emotions tied to material objects and you will need to work through those feelings until you get yourself to the point where you realize that you don’t need your life to be full of material objects in order to live a full and satisfying life.

    Once you start to realize the peace of living an uncluttered life, you will become addicted!

  4. “Be Merciless”! Oh hell ya! I didn’t have any merciless feeling not until when I have tons of stuffs to throw away. It was total chaotic for me! No matter how strong I am connected to some of the particular items, I’d to put my emotion aside!

    Uncluttered your life just let you breath so easily!

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