A to Z on Going Green!

earthday-ad-headerTime for some radical change in our lives! I devised my personal eco-list of what I think are essential environmental facts for the Mr and Miss Fabulous. There are so many ‘green’ words flying around that I decided to cut through it all and give you my run down of A to Zee in going green…

ballard_libraryA = Architecturally green. Green buildings / sustainable architecture focuses the efficiency of resource use such as water, energy, materials, while reducing building impacts on the environment through better location, design, construction and maintenance.

lara-miller-spring08-01B = Bamboo. Now the latest hot green item is to have bamboo material clothing, which is soft and comfy. Just divine!

compostC = Compost. Put your waste food, banana peel etc into a compost heat in the garden and hey presto you’ll eventually have your own great fertilizer that has been recycled and organic.


D = Disposal. A huge problem so how to be less wasteful with our disposal of trash? We can’t get away from waste, but the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, Restore” is useful to adopt.

earth_day_graphics_07E = Earth Day. Celebrated on April 22, recognised by UN, this day is commemorated worldwide to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

fsc-logo3F = Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It’s the paper print to have! They promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, meaning that with the logo on your product, you ascribe to being responsible in your printing.

geothermalpowerstationG = Geothermal. Ok so it’s not something you can do at home but it’s an important way of energy-saving and reducing carbon emissions. Basically power is extracted from heat stored in the earth. It’s got nothing to do with keeping your thermals (underwear) warm!

hybrid-cars001H = Hybrid cars. Ok so if you’re not ready to charge your electric car, meet half way and get the hybrid car like the famous Toyota Prius. In any case, you’ll cut down costs on petrol.

inhabitatI = Inhabitat.com a great design website for everything green, featuring architecture, interiors, products, technology, fashion, energy and transportation. Check it out!

2650089008_b24611b4bcJ = Jungle. Yes our jungles are being devastated. So maybe next time you’re on vacation, why not do some volunteer work with jungle conservation to help preserve the jungle’s biodiversity. A travel website I love is www.responsibletravel.com that can help you find the ideal volunteer responsible tourism vacation in every part of the world (incl Malaysia!).

kiehls_2_stdK = Kiehl’s. My favourite high-end brand, men and women skincare range, Kiehl’s has committed to doing their part in saving the environment. From planting pear trees in New York to donating profits to several environmental initiatives, Kiehl’s has recently launched a new go-green campaign in Malaysia – “Make a difference”.

1276eco_light_bulbL = Light bulbs. By replacing a standard bulb with a compact fluorescent one you will get more light for less money and save a lot of energy, plus it emits heat. Now that makes sense!

water_restrictions_reduceyouruse_logoM = Minimize. Ok sounds basic, but an effective way in being green is to minimize water use. For instance, many hotels offer recycling towels in order to cut down on washing and water usage.

6a00d8345250f069e2010536c74b63970c-800wiN = Neal’s Yard Remedies. My old-time favourite organic skin and bodycare range from London’s Neal’s Yard. Love those blue bottles and the shop is straight out of an apothecary’s dream.

carrotsO = Organic. Anything organic or bio is a good alternative. From organic cosmetics to organic cotton to organic food – try it! It’s painless.

solar_cells_panels_pv_array_monocrystalineP = Photovoltaic panels. These solar panels help us reduce carbon emissons by generating electricity using the sun’s heat, whilst the thermal solar panels help us save energy by heating water. Probably a little tough during rainy season but something’s better than nothing!

carbon-footprint-greenQ = Quota for carbon emissions. For example the EU has reduced its carbon emission quotas (which they can use to offset and trade carbon emissions). Basically it’s used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of carbon and other pollutants.

recycle_logoR = Recycled or Recyclable or Recycling. What else? Always check the symbol and make sure your area supports recycling processes because the trap is that your product can’t be recycled. Also do put the appropriate items in your proper recycling bins.

carestella1S = Stella McCartney. She’s all about animal rights, fair trade and being environmentally friendly. Love her clothing, makeup and style! She’s the designer to have in your green wardrobe.

2007teslaroadster-fullT = Tesla Roadster. If riding a bike isn’t practical then why not opt for the hot new Tesla Roadster that’s 100% electric powered? Cost pennies per mile, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and actually doesn’t look half bad!

wonders-of-green-designU = Urbanism. It’s the study of urban cities and their geographic, economic, political, social, cultural, and environmental impact. It’s important today as we have to restructure our urban cities to be more ecologically friendly.

velib-3ddV = Velib. Take Paris’ free bicycles and get around on the most greenest of transports. Plus you lose weight at the same time and get fit. It’s a win-win!

W = WWF (World Wildlife Fund For Nature).

100_0263X = Xtra effort. Ok so I’m cheating but you try and find some ecological word beginning with X! So my green friends, to state the obvious, we have to make extra effort. Each little contribution and change does help!

barack-obama-yes-we-canY = “Yes We Can”. Obama’s refreshing change compared to Bush on environmental policy. President Obama wants to create more green jobs for further sustainability.

emission-freejpg_5638Z = Zero carbon emissions. Problem is that a lot of people talk about zero carbon emissions and the reality is that to be zero you have to reduce AND offset your carbon emissions, which means you’re always emitting some carbon. But we can all try to aim for zero carbon emissions. Look at Disney’s targets for zero waste and zero carbon emissions! Thank you Mickey Mouse.




18 thoughts on “A to Z on Going Green!

  1. NO NO NO
    Co2 has no afect on global warming
    animals dont diserve rights
    Going “green” is like going back to the stone age.
    freinds of the earth enimies of the peopel

  2. Xeroscape for X in the above list. Gardening and landscaping in with native and drought resistant plants to reduce the use of water. 🙂

  3. Thank you Sharena for your kind words. Insy’allah we can all do something to make a difference. 🙂

  4. i wonder how global warming and the rapid changing of the weather is going to affect crops and gardening. I know where i live it is cold and its may. why? global warming

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