My Favorite Design Boutique Hotels.

Definition: boutique hotel = a small, luxury hotel offering premium services, often located in a fashionable location.

Etymology: from boutique ‘small, exclusive shop’.


Hotel Keppler

PZ loves boutique hotels. So does her Frog. I drool over the gorgeous modern designs, charming ambiance and cool high-tech facilities. The small number of rooms also mean better client attention and less likely to bump into troops of noisy children.

Boutique hotels have mushroomed all over the world, in answer to travelers looking for small, luxury, intimate accommodations, the alternative to the large mass-market chain hotels. Boutique hotels are the fastest-growing niche market in many cities with individual, chic hotels quickly ascertaining its presence as THE place to be.

They tend to be life-style focused, brand-marketed and intent on creating a dream and not just of practicality for providing a place to sleep. The origins of boutique hotel I’d say started with Blakes Hotel, London by hotelier designer Anouska Hempel. Each of the 51 rooms carries its own unique individual design, earning its reputation as “The Couture Hotel.” Although I’ve been lucky to dine there, I have stayed at the sister hotel Blakes in Amsterdam (now The Dylan) and I can most certainly say if Amsterdam wasn’t so beautiful, I’d be happy to stay in the red oriental bedroom all day.


Blakes, Amsterdam

So here I’d like to share with you some PZ favourites – old classics and new – just to spread the joy. There’s so many of course that it’s a really tough selection!! So note there will be further posts on this topic. Please do share your must-stay boutique hotels wherever it may be and I’ll add them with your mention in future posts.




L’Hotel (Oscar Wilde’s haunt on the Left Bank). Winner of the best urban hotel in the world 2008, Harper’s Bazaar. 20 rooms individually decorated.


Hotel Keppler

Hotel Keppler by Pierre-Yves Rochon. 39 divine rooms. New.



Haymarket Hotel

The Haymarket Hotel by Tim and Kip Kent. A landmark building by the
legendary John Nash.  50 rooms.


The Sanderson

– The Sanderson hotel by Philippe Starck.



Casa Fuster

Casa Fuster. Restored Landmark building in the modernist style (like Gaudi.)


Hotel Omm

Hotel Omm by architect Juli Capella and interior designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López. 91 rooms.



New Majestic Hotel

New Majestic Hotel. 30 individually designed rooms, mixing vintage and designer.

Hong Kong:



Abeo. 52 rooms. State of the art technology and architecture

Lang Kwai Wang Hotel

Lang Kwai Wang Hotel

Lang Kwai Wang Hotel. Boutique hotel style but 162 rooms (pretty typical in HK). Gorgeous though with fantastic panoramic views.



15 thoughts on “My Favorite Design Boutique Hotels.

  1. Thx for this post – makes me miss travelling so much. I love the look of the Barcelona Hotels – I stayed in a backpacking hotel when I was there – cant remember the name but it was small and really noisy at night. But made lots of friends when I was there on my own – some ages ago when I was single 😉


  2. Worth checking out “The Fleming” in Wan Chai Soho, Hong Kong. Really, really nice boutique hotel, very tastefully and stylishly decorated, excellent for business travellers. Check out their website

  3. You might want to have a look at this one. This is another interesting boutique hotel in Singapore. The company I’m attached with supplied the inhouse music system for the inn. The rooms are intimately gorgeous. Have a look.

  4. Oh boy…when am I going to be able to have a ‘taste’ of staying in a boutique hotel!

    I’d backpacked all these time.Got to have a taste of it next time. Thanks for the info.

  5. Recently, my partner and I stayed in this small but lovely,comfortable Boutique Hotel. The location was very convenient. Hampstead Hill is a beautiful , relaxing place after the crowds in the West End. The rooms were a bit small but being en-suite and quiet was a big plus

  6. Hello I am new here. I’m sorry if this this is the wrong place for this post but I was wondering If some one here on would be able to help me to choose the better choice. The forums here are absolutely amazing and certainly plan on sticking around for as long as I am welcome.

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