The Frog answers the Rosbif

why_french_0160 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong, Le Divorce, French women don’t get fat, French women don’t sleep alone, Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl, Merde Actually, Talk to the snail, An Englishman in Paris, An English Amoureux, La Petite Anglaise, A Year in Provence,  All You Need to Be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women…

What is going on between the French and the rest of the world? (Or I should say with Anglo-Saxons).

All these books became bestsellers and show therefore the high interest of publishers, writers and readers in the secret of Frogs. I read some of them and have to admit that these books are actually very funny and must be true, because my wife PZ laughingly mocks me the same way that these books do on my fellow citizens.

stereotypeSo time for truth and sincerity: Do we really wear Jean-Paul Gaultier blue & white striped top, a beret, garlic around our necks and carry a baguette under our armpits? The Frog answers the Rosbif  (this is how we call the Brits) by a true Frenchman who adores the rest of the world  (I am a born diplomat).

1. The French are always right, how can such a small country be so popular if it wasn’t true? Right?

2. The French don’t have petrol but they have ideas: TGV, not invading Irak, keep on nuclear testing… er no.

3. The French are self-centred. I swear that the sun does revolve around Paris, just look at my tan!

4. The French are constantly on holiday. But it is a legal obligation that I don’t want to break. (To be honest as an entrepreneur, it is a real nightmare!)

5. Why the French don’t get fat? Because we have great tailors and during eight months of the year we are hidden under an umbrella, a turtleneck jumper and a raincoat. Do you really think we don’t get fat with foie gras, croissants, cheese and wine?

Feel free to comment this post as much as you want, because above all, we love to debate without listening to the answers. (n’est-ce pas PZ? ;-)) 




4 thoughts on “The Frog answers the Rosbif

  1. Hi
    I like your comment concerning France and French.
    Lot of theses thinks are true.
    I m not proud to be French born in Paris or I love France like any others country.
    French are maybe very differents.
    Is true we can be very leazy but we like it
    And is true we have make already beautifull gifts to the civilisation, the movie, the cars, the plane, the vaccins,….
    and we still love our Englosaxons friends for lot of thinks to


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